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I'm having difficulty assigning the Developer and Publisher fields of games to that person's Person page in the wiki. These are games (like Probability 0 and I Get This Call Every Day) which are both developed and published by a sole person, who also have no company persona. I see one game (Analogue: A Hate Story) has Christine Love correctly credited as both developer and publisher, but she has both a person and a company page (which is kind of silly).

Can we please allow Person pages to populate the Developer and Publisher fields of game pages? I really shouldn't have to make company duplicates of Alexander Martin and David S Gallant.

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Please voice your support for deleting the Christine Love company page over here. Just because Steam lists her as developer and publisher doesn't mean she's a company.

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@LordAndrew: I don't want to ask for her Company page to be removed until her Person page can be listed as the Publisher and Developer of her games.