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The soul sacrifice is in sore need of new info plus the main image isn't ever the real logo.

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Its in the upper right on any wiki page.

#3 Posted by Totori (596 posts) -

Not appearing for me. All I got is a follow button.

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The full editor is not supported on tablets or mobile so I removed the button today to avoid bad edits. We'll need to circle back around to decide what things could be editable on tablets.

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Seriously, just one button in the top right is ultra-inconvenient, especially when editing lists...

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It is pretty inconvient all the way at the top. Sometimes I'll look at a page's concepts, see something missing, jump back to the top of the page, then scroll back to the concepts to edit them. That's pretty tedious.

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@beachthunder: @lordandrew: agreed. It is also a pain when trying to edit images etc. Looking into a solution for this...

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@alexisg: Make it float at the top like the menu bar?

edit: also, whenever I reply to someone, it's bolding the first letter

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So I've more or less gotten used to the awkward new editing tools, and today I log in and discover that the Edit button itself has vanished without a trace; like the dude said, there's just a follow button up there. There doesn't seem to be any way at all for me to edit the Database, is this some kind of stealth suspension? :(

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Where's the edit button? I need to correct the ESRB rating for the Tomb Raider game; it says it's rated T, but it's really rated M.