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Ok first thing Ps4 is looking very impressive, I don't feel I'm a fan-boy cause i own basically every console. But one thing that irritates me is that Sony is advertising remote play a la Super mario bros u, and everybody is screaming Wii u killer! But is there any communication back and fourth like the Nintendoland games? Mario chase and the luigi mansion games are a blast with 5 players. I have not seen any talk of the vita being used in this way. Ps4 is basically just remote play.... that's a big difference than Wii U using your remote for inventory and such in zombi u.

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@robmosher said:

I don't feel I'm a fan-boy cause i own basically every console.

I'm so glad the console wars are back. And no, Sony's remote play isn't the thing that's going to kill the WiiU. It's the lack of titles that's going to kill the WiiU, if it dies at all.

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I feel like asymmetrical gameplay is way less relevant to most people. It requires a very specific situation to pull off correctly (specifically, a handful of people over).

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War Never Changes

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I really doubt that having two different screens is really going to be "the next great innovation". Like all of Nintendo's (terrible!) gimmicks, it's just something that they're going to mess with and everyone else might have a token acknowledgement of it (like a map or something).

Meanwhile, remote play... now that's an interesting proposition. I don't at all mind using that back touchpad on the Vita as R2 and L2 buttons.

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Yeah for a Pacman VS. console. I'm so happy I bought one!!!.................. sigh

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I'm fairly certain the PSVita can be used to see your inventory or a map, similar to how the PSP can become your rear view mirror in one of the PS3 Gran Turismo games.

I think the PSVita + PS4 connection will be comparable to the WIi's.

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The remote play of streaming a PS4 game to the Vita is impressive if it actually flawlessly works but I don't see myself at all using it and I'd rather not switch back and forth between PS4 controller and Vita or tablet. So no it is not the Wii U killer with the remote play feature.