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Do you guys think that by having some pretty big key features integrated with the Vita, it will have sony drop its price so more ppl get on board? The price is still too steep for me.

See ya duders.

And yes, I'm aware I spelled about wrong in the title. I cared not enough to change it! :)

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Nah, I'll just use my smart phone to watch people playing or something. I've never owned a handheld device.

For other people though, if they drop it down to 100-150 by November and it's a real solution to play all your pretty games on the go, I could see that selling well.

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@kierkegaard: absolutely. Sony could really make this a ridiculously smart move, or a stupid gimmick.

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I think they will probably announce a price drop sometime soon or at least before/around the PS4 launch.

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I think you're raising a pretty important point. I've got a PS3, but I feel like I'm not as invested in the Sony universe as others (Steam primarily). I'm super impressed with the PS4, will probably buy one, and am interested in bringing a Vita into that equation if it means a better experience. It just needs to be at the right price point, especially if I'm ready to spend ~$700 on getting setup with the PS4. They need to figure out a compelling way to encourage newcomers to their universe, and the price is an obvious place to start.

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With the way that thing has been selling I'm surprised they haven't dropped the price already. It is very possible that they can't afford to drop the price.

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I think the premium sku will have a Vita bundled in.