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Now I don't normally like youtube spam, but I feel that it is my duty to post this for those who haven't seen it before.

Behold Patrick Klepek, Rock God.

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Was already posted a long time ago.  Still amusing though.

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Already posted... but I'm always appreciative to be reminded of this gem!

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@Turambar: I know, but it's still funny every time I watch it.

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And I'm reminded again that 'Trick is a REALLY skinny dude. Looks so fragile but DAT ASS!

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For some reason I still can't flag.

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Here is another funny video of people dancing.

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@MethodMan008: RIP PogChamp

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@Reddy1124 said:

@MethodMan008: RIP PogChamp

No Kappa here. :(

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This video has been posted multiple times starting from quite a while back and you admitted that you knew this was YouTube spam anyway. This thread doesn't need to be a thing.