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#51 Posted by Andorski (5365 posts) -

There needs to be a "haters gon' hate" gif of Patrick.

#52 Posted by Breadfan (6590 posts) -

Patrick is the shit. Can he sometimes say some dumb stuff? Sure. But so has Jeff and every other member of the crew. For whatever reason everything Patrick says is put under a microscope. Plus - Yo. At the end of the day this is all about video games. Chill the fuck out and learn to ignore whatever you dislike.

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That guy who left that voicemail is just the stupidest kind of person.

Newflash dude: the guys that you like on the site hate you and don't want your money or attention.

#54 Posted by bybeach (4995 posts) -

Weird shit from some bodies from the anonymous internet. Where you can get cheap attention with no retribution. Where anybody who is sick in mind or soul to some degree can vomit on others. Who would of guessed?

Generally the World sucks, that should be evident anyways if you look around. Kudos to those who answered of their worth and decent heart. They are the ones who deserve the attention.

#55 Edited by NegativeCero (3039 posts) -

It needed to be said, so good on you. Patrick gets much more shit than he deserves, which is dumb because he's kinda done nothing but good for the site including his feature stories, videos and dump trucks. Hell, he covers games that none of the other guys would.

The shitty excuse for a person who sent that voicemail really needs to re-evaluate his life if he's sending that kind of crap to people. If someone you've never met makes you that angry, I don't know what to tell you other than step back and chill the fuck out.

#56 Posted by cblanknz (22 posts) -

Well said OP i dont agree with patrick sometimes but that shit is absolutley unwarranted, ughhh

#57 Posted by Fattony12000 (7564 posts) -

I think Patrick is a lovely man and very good at his job.

#58 Posted by Gamer_152 (14109 posts) -

The same thing that was said in that clip has been posted on this site before. It's bullshit, but it's also why the mod team have taken a pro-active stance against trying to move as many idiots like this off-site as possible. Due to a variety of factors I think we're seeing less direct vitriol spewed towards Patrick, but there are still people there and there who will take a jab at him because they can't understand things like why thoughtful indie games might be worth covering or why we might want to be empathetic towards other people online. I really salute what the guy does and continue to wholeheartedly believe that calling out crap like this is important.

#59 Posted by TN04 (23 posts) -

Man thats rough. I read the reaction on his tumblr but I didnt think it was that bad until I heard it myself. It's sad to see someone who puts up so much content and seems to put in so much work into the site to be given shit like this in return. Imagine working so hard on an essay/report for someone just to rip it up in your face. I definately have more respect for Patrick for still staying motivated to put up content for us.

#60 Posted by GunslingerPanda (4859 posts) -

That's disgusting. I don't find him entertaining myself, but he's probably an awesome person, definitely a hard working person, and absolutely doesn't deserve to receive this shit from people whose sole motivation is a lack of entertainment.

#61 Edited by Darji (5294 posts) -

That is why we need our real names, addresses connected with accounts. You need to to be trackaable and should not be able to hide under anonymity . People need to make responsible for their actions just like in real life. Without people just go amok because many people are assholes on the internet.

#62 Edited by ColumnBreaker (1164 posts) -

@darji: You've just kinda proven that having your identity out there is not a deterrent considering TB still has a massive following after that ridiculous hissy fit he and his wife threw over basically nothing but their own mistakes. It's not just about people being associated with the shit they spew online. It's a much more complex issue than that. The massive amount of bullshit that goes on in any alley of the internet is indicative of a completely diseased societal conscience. Just because the internet is a safe place for symptoms to manifest doesn't mean the internet is to blame.

#63 Edited by JadeGL (962 posts) -

@darji: Well, TB just wrote a pretty long explanation/rant on his own subreddit about this very issue, and admits to having issues with being able to handle all the negativity that gets thrown his way. Since this is just a stream of responses to other people, I have no idea what exactly they said to him, so out of context twitter responses are kind of all sorts of useless, unless you are pointing out that an internet famous dude is an asshole, and well, so what? He admits that. I really think you should take the time to read this where he talks about his mental and physical health and about his own issues, as well as what he deals with online. I think that it's important to realize that some people may be able to "take the heat" of a ton of negative comments a day, but some people can't. We also shouldn't judge them on that. I appreciate a guy who says "yeah, I fucked up and here's why" as opposed to a guy who probably wouldn't admit that he made a poor judgment call.

In this case, I think Patrick handles stuff very well considering what people say/write to him and I feel sorry that the dude has to deal with it. I feel sorry that people like Phil Fish and TB have to deal with it too, but their responses are less elegant than what I see from Patrick. It actually astounds me when people don't crack under the pressure and can handle the vitriol well. I would expect more people to lash out considering the stream of hate and nasty comments. I doubt I could keep up such a good face if I were somehow popular on the internet and then fostered a hate brigade.

#64 Edited by guiseppe (2842 posts) -

I've never quite understood what makes people 'hate' Patrick so much. Sure, I don't always agree with him, but I think he does an excellent job and I'm glad he does it.

#65 Edited by mercutio123 (473 posts) -

Is there any way to track down this asshole? Is he a member of the community? Patrick is great at putting up with this shit. If people disagree with an opinion thats fine, but getting personal is so out of line.

#66 Posted by ColumnBreaker (1164 posts) -

@mercutio123: Not seeing a benefit to tracking down a very obviously miserable person to add to their supply of misery and give them a spotlight to act out in at the same time.

#67 Edited by Darji (5294 posts) -

@jadegl: This was just a poor example of what I wanted to say. Basically the Internet is a almost lawless place for privacy. I can go to every site a person made and leave anonymous comments and say stuff like that and harass and insult or even stalk these people. It is just much easier to do this with more famous people. In my opinion we really need to get to a point when you have to take responsibility to your actions on the internet. If you would do this in real life you already would get the police on you.

And yes some people handle this very well but some absolutely do not. And even Patrick said that you can ignore tons of comments but there is always one that ruins your day and makes you question what you are doing. We need laws for this kind of stuff. Laws which are easy to execute and as harsh as they need to be to make this stop.

#68 Posted by madman356647 (375 posts) -

@mercutio123: There probably is, but the equivalent of vigilante justice isn't the answer. Hell, we all know the internet is a bad place, but until WE (that is the entire internet community) begins to see stuff like this as bad, it won't change. People do stuff like this because they know they'll get attention/they're anonymous. There's few ways to get around that. All we can hope to be is a better person to others online, so we're not being "that guy".

I'll probably make a blog post on this sometime next week. This topic hit very close to home for me recently.

#69 Posted by Willza92 (272 posts) -

Urgh, that guy is a waste of space. You can't degenerate to his level but man, do I seriously not give a fuck about him, whoever he is.

Love Ryan Davis. Love Scoops. Love Giant Bomb. Love Video Games. Love Life. It's Valentines day.

#70 Posted by mageemagoo (206 posts) -

@akyho: Phil Fish and Patrick are not equatable at all

#71 Edited by BBOYS2231 (215 posts) -

@willza92 said:

Urgh, that guy is a waste of space. You can't degenerate to his level but man, do I seriously not give a fuck about him, whoever he is.

Love Ryan Davis. Love Scoops. Love Giant Bomb. Love Video Games. Love Life. It's Valentines day.

Well said.

#72 Edited by Counterclockwork87 (743 posts) -

Does google voice have some sort of caller ID? I'd just post his number on twitter and say, "have at 'em boys."

And no,that doesn't stoop you down to "their level."

#73 Posted by alwaysbebombing (1649 posts) -

@drbobbint said:

Wow people. And i'm not saying wow for the same reasons you are. Ryan Davis is dead. DEAD. DEAD. I'm not saying you shouldn't remember him. But don't cling to his memory in an unhealthy manner. The guy that posted that "offensive clip" (like you guys have never posted, or said anything along those lines... but oh wait, you didn't take Ryan Davis' name in vain...) is just as fixated on Ryan Davis as the majority of posters on this site. I come to this site for opinions and blogs about video games. I don't like seeing it turned into the Ryan Davis memorial, and I don't think he would either. The level of grieving that is going on with you guys is distorted, complicated, prolonged, and ultimately unhealthy. I never met the guy, and have only seen a few of his videos, but only a narcacisst would be ok with the type of attention you shower on him, and he didn't seem like that kind of guy to me.

Yeah, because not wanting someone to make a vile and unnecessary comment is TOTALLY the same thing as erecting giant golden statues of Ryan Davis right? We remember Ryan because he was a great man, and he affected a lot of our lives in ways we didn't think was possible. If you think this site is being turned into a "Ryan Davis Memorial" you really need to get some perspective.

He was, and will always be, someone I look up too. I understand what it means to have a hero that you try and make yourself a better person for. It's OK to remember someone when they meant that much to you. And if there was a solid gold Ryan statue. He'd want it to be flipping the bird, let's be honest.

#74 Posted by TheManWithNoPlan (5985 posts) -

From all the comments regarding the voice clip I just can't bear to listen to it. Even though there's a lot of terrible people out there on the internet, it makes me happy that most of this community isn't made up of them.

#75 Edited by Ben_H (3429 posts) -

What I want to know is how awful that person's parents were at parenting that this person got to a state where thinking this kind of thing is remotely acceptable. How bad would you have to screw up to raise someone this awful?

#76 Posted by Hunter5024 (5962 posts) -

Well I hope calling attention to this prick doesn't encourage more behavior like this in the future. I expect it will though.

#77 Posted by RonGalaxy (3266 posts) -

I listened to the message that guy sent. What a sniveling coward.

@patrickklepek I don't always agree with what you say, but I respect your voice and the way you command it. Keep doing what you do, and don't stop for anything or anyone (you already know that, but I figured I'd show my support).

#78 Edited by jsnyder82 (763 posts) -

If people took all their hilariously misguided internet hatred and channeled it into something positive, they'd all have two PhD's.

#79 Edited by SpaceInsomniac (3906 posts) -

Does google voice have some sort of caller ID? I'd just post his number on twitter and say, "have at 'em boys."

And no,that doesn't stoop you down to "their level."

Yes. Yes, that's pretty much exactly what it does.

DON'T GIVE ATTENTION SEEKERS ATTENTION. It's not all that complicated a concept. We're all told not to reply to trolls, and to just flag their posts. Instead, Patrick puts this guy on Twitter, and now we have an entire thread devoted to him. This is quite the opposite of not feeding the trolls.

#80 Posted by Fear_the_Booboo (586 posts) -

@spaceinsomniac: I do not approve getting back to them and attack them, but I have to disagree about showing what they did.

Thing is, even if Patrick would've not give him attention, he would've received that call (I don't even want to listen to it). As long as he is gonna be working here, he's gonna get hate. It won't stop, even if he stops talking about (like spambot and trolls never cease to exist). Talking about it got him some support, made some people realise how hurtful they can be when they're mean on the internet, and made others realise how much hate he and others can get.

If he would have said nothing, that kind of hate would be his own burden to bear, and nobody would've been there to relativize the hate he got. I don't think anybody deserve that kind of hate, especially not him.

#81 Edited by Grimluck343 (1160 posts) -

That was... a lot less worse than I was expecting. Still disgusting and unacceptable.

@darji So assume this asshole couldn't hide behind anonymity and we knew his real name, what then? Are we supposed to go to his house and beat him up? Call the cops for using strong language on the internet? Insulting someone? Just sounds like witch hunting.