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I was rooting through a box of old floppy disks I found in a dumpster by what looked like either an industrial accident or the crash site for some sort of prototype aircraft.

One of them had this on it

PROTIP: It's formatted in a way where as long as you set the wallpaper to fill screen it should (in theory) work on any standard resolution.

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my god

its full of stars

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Will use. 10/10

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Will use. 10/10

I had to do a double take to make sure you didn't make the thread

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@ajamafalous said:

@bigjeffrey said:

Will use. 10/10

I had to do a double take to make sure you didn't make the thread

My wallpaper

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That's fucking amazing. Love the no-fill blue outline, it makes it look that much more of a cheap gift shop shirt. Send this to the staff pronto!

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That is excellent, though I always imagined Big Jeffrey in a ten-gallon hat and a beige suit.

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With the mysterious past and his impeccable business acumen I always saw him as a LEGITIMATE BUSINESSMAN type, but really Big Jeffrey is whatever you make him, because he was in you* all along!

*For legal purposes, "in you" is aprox. 500yds from your given location

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Drop 'em.

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"The kids are comin' in, so we'll see Big Jeffrey at about 500 yards from here!" - Vinny Caravella

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New desktop, done and done.

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That needs to be on a T-Shirt PRONTO. Like I know people always shout "T-SHIRT T-SHIRT!!!" after any new meme pops up in the community but this.... this was born to be on a T-shirt!

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Oh god, that's amazing.

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Nice work! Totally using this.

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I love it; that QL is the gift that keeps on giving.

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This is amazing

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If I didn't already have the amazing image that is the Inglorious Basterds alternate poster, I would assign this ASAP. As it is, it'll probably be a couple more weeks...but I've downloaded it to be ready.

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Love it.

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Holy crap, good find.

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I had to rewatch the Quick Look. Still one of the most hilarious things ever.

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Well done, good sir. I salute you and your excellent wallpaper!

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Reference? It's that Rollercoaster game, right?

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I see it's missing the used-car emporium... But, still 10/10 amazing wallpaper!

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Big Jeffery looks like a North Korean dictator.

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Oh god yes!

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@thecheeto: I would buy this on a shirt if available immediately.

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There look to be some fully completed roller coasters on that shirt and that seems disingenuous

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this is great. you should totally put this on a t-shirt!

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I don't get it

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@mrt said:

I don't get it

Roller Coaster Quick Look.

Drop 'em.

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Can You make darker blue color ? This one is too bright for wallpaper

(night sky color) oh nevermind. I've Recoloured em myself.

here folks (with op permission - fantastic work !!!) couple of more colours !!!

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I know people say "make it a t-shirt!" a lot, but dammit, this design is simple and perfect enough that I might just have to print it off and make it into a t-shirt myself! And then wear it around town.

Because it is absolutely great.

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This is AWESOME! Nice job duder

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Quite incredible. Amazing work.

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Now this is good t-shirt design. There was a thread some time ago about possible t-shirt designs for the theme park and this is best by far.