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Is the morning show canceled? Is it usually late? This is the first I've gotten to watch it live but it's not on yet...

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I came here wondering the same thing. I haven't seen a tweet from either Patrick or Alex... so maybe they both slept late?

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Bombin' the AM with Scoops and the Giant Bomb GOTY podcast deliberations?

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Patrick's in SF for GOTYD. All is well.

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i'm hoping there was a kerfuffle during the goty like at the end of RAW and now everyone's mad at each other and it'll all be settled in a TLC match... i hope :)

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I had talked to Patrick yesterday about pushing the show back so he could get a little rest after GOTY discussions, but so far haven't heard anything from him this morning. I think it's probably safe to say we're cancelling today's show, but we'll definitely be back on Monday.

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Thanks for the update @alex!

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@shrinerr: Patrick was actually the victim of the San Francisco Screwjob and is currently plotting sweet, sweet vengeance from his hotel room. It may or may not involve the liberal application of powerbombs.

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@hailinel said:

...San Francisco Screwjob

Next hot club name for this city, you should trademark that.

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I thought it was due to "end of the year goofiness" which is another reason why I do not favor "Game of the Year": It seems to be a lot work for so little.

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@alex: Wiinter breeaak.

Wonder if Patrick forgot time zones.

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@legion_ said:

@pinkfloydpla: Consider yourself flagged. That is extremely inappropriate and in poor taste.

He's gone, thanks for the flag.

To anyone reading this, if you make a tasteless and inappropriate joke about Ryan's death I will jump you straight to a ban past all the typical warnings and suspensions, regardless of your tenure on the site, subscription status, or post count. Thank you!

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@extomar said:

I thought it was due to "end of the year goofiness" which is another reason why I do not favor "Game of the Year": It seems to be a lot work for so little.

They post more content during that time period than any other time of the year.

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That was fast, thanks. On topic: I guess we wont get one this week due to GOTY.

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I wonder if Patrick had a bit too much fun at the iCBS christmas party (wasn't that last night?) and overslept :)

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@jiddra: Long night spent playing Brothers.

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Man, this years debates are going to be sort of weird without Ryan. On a brighter note though this year was amazing for games and I can't wait to hear them go at it. A lot of solid contenders and overall solid games. Even the stuff lower on the list might get contentious this year. Also funny, I remember in 2010 playing a lot of Assassins Creed Brotherhood during christmas listening to the GOTY podcasts and here I am playing AC IV now with the GOTY stuff just starting to ramp up.

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So is unprofessional fridays canceled as well?

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omg I need my unprofessional fix, if thats canceled as well...

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@bocam: Jeff said on Tumblr the other day that the chances of UPF happening were "likely". No idea if anything has changed since then.

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GOTY yo.

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They mentioned there'd be a Friday stream the final weeks they're in the office this year. (not Bombin', the whole crew)