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So I just treated myself to two new games, Saints Row 3 and Dragons Dogma. I bought the first dragons dogma because I didn't realise until after the fact that there was an updated version, but meh not really bothered.

So which would you play first guys? The Epic RPG experience which would probably last me hours and get me sucked in, or the crazy over the top Saints Row game where I will just run like a mad man and hit people with a giant... you know what!

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I'd go with Saints Row.

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Dragon's Dogma.

But I'm a huge RPG fan, so I'm hardly objective.

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Why choose, play both of them concurrently!

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Saints Row

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I say listen to the first two posts.

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Saints row because it's shorter

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If it's just about what to play first, then who cares? You're going to end up playing both, so....

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SR3. You're going to want to play it before the hype begins on SR4. If that game is disappointing, then you'll lose motivation.

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Saints Row.

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It calls your name.

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@ryzon: Well sucks you didn't know about Arisen because its only $40 and well worth all the content and fixes implemented. That being said the vanilla version is still pretty good so I pick that.

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@ryzon said:

So which would you play first guys? The Epic RPG experience which would probably last me hours and get me sucked in, or the crazy over the top Saints Row game where I will just run like a mad man and hit people with a giant... you know what!

There's your answer, do you feel like playing the former or the latter, both of which you described well?

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@demoskinos: This one only cost me $20, so on top of me being not bothered about things like that, I also saved some money in the process :p

More serious answer however, if I like this and can complete it then when the new one comes even further down In price I will buy it and continue with my current character. :)

I've decided to go with dragons dogma guys! I will play saints row when I want a break from this I think! Thanks for your ideas and suggestions tho, always humerous to read!!

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SR3 is one of my all time favorite games, I consider not playing that game to 100% completion to be one of the cardinal sins in modern gaming.

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As a note for Saints Row, there's no DLC out there thats really worth the price. Just play the base game as all the DLC adds is a couple (2 hours worth appx) new missions and a car or a new gun.

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@rafaelfc said:

Why choose, play both of them concurrently!

This. I'm guessing you're suggesting that you will play all the way through one before starting the other. Otherwise this is a very trivial question.

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Having only played Saints Row. I'd say Saint's Row.

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Is this Yahoo Answers? Make up your own mind, sheeple!

(You should totally play SR3 first, though. Do it now!)

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Play Dragon's Dogma, and when the lack of a good fast travel system starts annoying you play some Saint's Row 3 as a breather before heading back to DD.

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Winner: Dark Souls

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Play SR3 for an hour. Then play Dragon's Dogma for an hour. Then take a break. Then do it again.

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Dragon's Dogma if you have Dark Arisen expansion. The community is active right now since it was just released

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Saints row 3.

You can burn through it in a weekend. As much fun as i had with the game, It's only worth a weekends playingtime.

I have Dark Arisen and sure, it's a decent RPG, its not amazing or anything, but you really dont want to be tempted to play something else in the middle of a big long RPG. So play SR3 first. It's a blast, its funny. It's only 12 hours long.

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I'd say play both in parallel. I usually do that. Keeps me from being too burned out on a game. I got quite burnt out from playing too much Saints Row 3 at the time. Quite glad I took a break from it and moved to another game before coming back to it.

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Dragon's Dogma. Very addicting game.

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Saint's Row 3. Doesn't take too long and is a breeze to get through.

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Dragon's Dogman.

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Saints row 3 till you get bored of running around and feel like playing something more serious?

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If you play Saints Row, see if you can play co-op with a friend. It's a way more entertaining experience, at least for me.

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Saints Row. Gets you ready for the new one.

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Saints Row