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So I bought a copy of Mass Effect used like a year or so ago, and only got the disc...   
I'm thinking of taking my games out a binder (I think the binder is scratching discs) and putting them in their cases.. but for some OCD reason I won't do it if I can't have all my games in the original case.. 
Can I buy a used copy of ME at Gamestop (if they have one with the case) and then return the game without the case? 
Thanks duders.

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... They're gonna check the case to see if the game is in there. They're not that stupid, there's no way that you'd get away with something as stupid as that.

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Just leave 'em in the binder and avoid that silly farce. 
@canucks23: Read his idea again. He wants to do the opposite. He wants to keep the case and give 'em back the game he already has.    

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@canucks23:  Nooo, maybe I phrased it wrong, I would return the game, but say I lost the case in the 7 day grace period.
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As an employee, I can tell you that the return won't be accepted.

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@Green: Ah sadness, well I was hoping a GS employee would answer, so thanks duder.
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@MethodMan008: You could probably pull it off. Especially if the person you return it to is a different one than who you bought it from. I don't think the existence of the case is annotated on the receipt. I guess they might expect one of those Gamestop cases... Maybe just use some old DVD case you aren't using. Pretend you threw that sheet away.
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It depends on the store and how they deal with that stuff internally. I work at an EB Games in Australia (which is owned by GameStop) our pre-owned games without cases have made up boxes with the name just written on a blank piece of cut paper, or a printed design with a blank area for the name of the game to be written or printed.. we dont record which pre-owned games were sold with or without original cases, but they are 99% of the time sold with a case and if they arent the staff will usually know about it. So if you're trying to return one without a case, it'll raise an eye-brow.. if you're returning it in a case with placeholder art that they normally sell them in, they wont care.
Basically if they are aware that you are returning less than what they sold you, they wont let you do it.

Probably though, when you bought it without the case, you were probably given a discount.. that, or you didnt question it and they decided not to bother and make a few extra bucks out of you.
If I sold someone a pre-owned copy of Dragon Age with a cover, and then they returned it in one like this 

I probably wouldn't notice.
But hey, GameStop is a business trying to make money, just ask the dude and see if they can work something out regarding a trade.
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I hate not having original cases. 
That's why I'm trying to go full downloads (as in Xbox Games on Demand, of which I have like 11 now), Mass Effect being my first one.  Then I was hooked.  You could buy a Mass Effect case/instructions on eBay probably (just keep checking every week).  They'll sell for like $5-$10.  You know you want to.  You know you HAVE to.

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@schizogony: Good idea.  Just bid on one for 3 bucks.  NO ONE ELSE BID!  :P
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@MethodMan008 said:
" @schizogony: Good idea.  Just bid on one for 3 bucks.  NO ONE ELSE BID!  :P "
This one is perfect.  It's at $2.99 with $3.00 shipping and 4 days left.  You know you need it.  You know you need to spend $6 (probably more) on just a case and instructions.  Do it!  Only then will you feel complete.  Only then will you fill the void that hungers eternally:  
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Like all hypocritical main gaming stores they will happily sell you second hand games without the manual or occasionally originial box, but if you are missing either of those when you try to sell it back to them they will switch. 

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2. ???

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I have a bunch of green cases without anything behind the plastic that I bought in a store some time ago. It would come in useful for situations like these.

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Good call on taking your games out the binder, those darn things destroy discs.