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I bought both Demon Souls and Dark Souls but I could never finish them or really get 10% in. I probably never took the time to learn the basics properly and only beat the first boss. I found the game too frustrating and I lost patience with them quickly. I admire these games and the challenge they are for many players but couldn't get into it.

Having only experienced much of the game and art style through videos of people streaming the game and doing quick runs, I have to say that the variety and designs of the creatures is stunning. As I think about buying Dark Souls 2, which I would like to have the time or knowhow to master, I think maybe the best thing is to watch 'real' players go through the game. It's not frustrating when someone else is having difficulty and I find it interesting to see how they overcome boss's that I wouldn't have a clue how to get past. It can also be funny watching their reactions to everything the game throws at the player knowing that I won't lose progress or souls. LOL.

Am I alone in these feelings or are there some of you that prefer to watch a great game like Dark Souls rather than playing it?

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Again, I can't seem to spell the topic title properly and notice I've spelled it wrong before making a post. So sorry!

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The day the game comes out Twitch will explode with the amount of people streaming it. Literally everyone will scramble to be the first one to beat the game or whatever it is they do.

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Who has time to watch streams of others playing? I will be too busy playing myself.

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Watching. No. I will be playing.