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As I get older ( I'm 30) and I have a wife now, and looking to have kids soon, I find myself losing so much of my gaming time to being an adult which sucks. My only solutions are find a job where playing games is important (which I'm working on with my little site) or take gamecations and marathon through a few games.

I can usually get 3 hours of solid gaming in on the weekends and my week days are getting better, I would sometimes never be able to play games during the week, but now I can usually get in an hour a day or so if I'm lucky. I find myself taking more and more days off from work to get a solid 6 hours of uninterrupted gaming in.

So do you do that too? Who here takes gamecations? Do you play just one game or do you play a bit of everything?

Also sorry for using the the "word" gamecation so much.

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No, I don't think that is something that I would ever do.

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Exact same situation. Been married for 18 months and have a 6 month old and the time I get to play has shrunk considerably. I find time to play by staying up late and I work a night shift where I do nothing so I've started to bring a tv and PS3 to playthrough some games. I took Gamecastions when I was single and in High School and would love to do them now but I wouldn't get much more time to play.

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No way. Vacation time is far, far too precious to me. My job requires so much of my time that when I can get some time off, I'm getting the hell out of town and traveling somewhere nice. Seriously been hoping to get some ski time in this winter cause I couldn't last year and not skiing just ruins my morale during the cold months. Skiing is the only thing that makes the winter bearable to me.

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My current job allows me to take almost as many vacation days as I like and still get paid (as long as it's reasonable of course) but I can understand if people don't want to take a gamecation because vacation days are precious.

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I declare that to be an illegal portmanteau.

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I don't really because I get to play games plenty. I can usually get 2 hours each day if I want to on weekdays and on weekends I can spend pretty much as much as I want. During Vacation sure I'll be playing video games, but i also like to spend that time traveling a little and maybe seeing some old friends or maybe even start a new LEGO build.

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Nah, I get burnt out on games too quickly to spend any more time with them than I do.

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Sitting on GTA V, Remember Me, Last of Us and Saint's Row IV at the moment with only GTA V having some time in it, I am totally considering taking a week off (or a few days before a weekend) work to plough through most or all of them. I still have a week left of vacation this year (I get 5 weeks per year, I took 4 off this summer), so I might get it in now before the winter holidays when a lot of people want to take time off.

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@greggd said:

I declare that to be an illegal portmanteau.

I'm with you.

But no, I don't ever remember skipping work to play video games. Skipping school, though... that's a different story.

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I actually do this. Well not intentionally. I take a short vacation since that's all I ever get, then due to its short length decide to stay in town, which means I end up gaming.

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@greggd said:

I declare that to be an illegal portmanteau.

I second this. Portmanteau denied.

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In about the same situation as OP and altough this is something I wouldn't normally consider doing, I did take the day off that Fire Emblem Awakening was released. It was a nice day.

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@greggd said:

I declare that to be an illegal portmanteau.

I second this. Portmanteau denied.


I've known people at work take the day off to play a game on day of release, just so they can marathon it and be part of the hubbub launch hype. I imagine a lot of people did it for the bigger releases, GTA, Skyrim etc. I wouldn't say for days on end though and not to just 'catch up' on games although I can understand (to an extent) the reasoning I think it's not a great thing to do. Save those days up and go away somewhere, holidays are usually good without games.

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@greggd said:

I declare that to be an illegal portmanteau.

In Britain we call them holiplays. Yay - it's a bank holiplay! Shall we watch James Bond, go to the seaside or bludgeon fools on internets, darling? Cave in some skulls, is it? Rather!

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@striderno9: I hear you. I am almost 30 (two more months) and I was just thinking about how it took me 10 days to beat GTA IV (around 45-50 hours), and it's been 17 days and I am maybe 10 hours through GTA V.

When I was younger I would take launch days off, but I am definitely going to have some gamecations (especially if the girlfriend is away). The best part of a gamecation is that it is very cheap. So if you cannot afford a decent vacation for whatever reason, it is just another great reason to wake up, play video games, eat, play video games and sleep.

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I'm taking a few days off around the release of the PS4. But I can also justify it to everyone by saying that my birthday is on the release day of the PS4. So, yes, while I will be sitting home playing my PS4 as part of my gamecation, I can just tell everyone else I just took a few days off for my birthday.

Although most people who know me know better.

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When I take vacations they are to play games. I spent 7 grand on a vacation to Australia when I was 22 but I'm 27 now, I have a place of my own and a girlfriend, I don't have that kind of disposable income. But I took a week off when Dragon Age 2 came out in 2011, I took a week off when Mass Effect 3 came out in 2012. So maybe I just take BioWare vacations.

I'm in college now so I don't get to pick my vacation around a big new release, but winter break is in December and so is South Park: The Stick of Truth so I suppose that's good.

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I hate working so any excuse will do.

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I have a spouse-less and child-less life...so no. In fact, my staycations and vacations are typically gameless times to get away.

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Acceptable alternative: Playcation.

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no, i'm the boss so can play if i really wanted too often enough. time to burn isn't as readily available now but none the less.

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I can't remember the last time I took a day off just to play a game. I usually get a pretty good amount of game time in during the week, and double that on the weekends. If that is what people choose to do with their vacation time though, then that's cool. It's your time, you do what you want with it. If you wanna play games, then play games. If you just want to unwind and relax, then do that.

I agree with @hunter5024 though, if we need a word for this Playcation would be it.

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If a new game comes out and I really want to sink my teeth into it, I might take off to get a 3 day or 4 day weekend. But I don't have or want kids so I don't see myself losing that much time.

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I realized I never answered. No I haven't taken time off to play a game, but that's because my schedules never been busy enough that I didn't have the time to play anyways, until now. I could see myself wanting to do something like that for a game I'm really looking forward to. A persona 5 level release.

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I sort of want to take like 2 days off this month to power throughout Dead Space 3.