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Hey all, I found this Giant Bomb content on youtube and was curious where and if I could find it here. Anyone know where or what it would be called?

Thanks guys.

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That was originally called "The "No, This Won't Be Archived" Final Live Free-For-All of 2012!".

So no, it's not archived on the site.

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@optimalpower: I don't think it's on the site. But @fattony12000 put all of it up on youtube. Here's part 2 with all the extra little silliness:

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Anyone who doesn't want to watch this in a small window there a Twitch archive. Also never saw this, so this is great!

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Oh right, that makes sense. I was hoping to find a version without chat but this works as well.

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That's perfect! Thanks to both of you. I nearly forgot about the twitch archives.

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Good times, thanks for digging it up duders.

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"NES Golf and RBI Baseball were two games my dad would play for money."

- Jeff "OG triple OG" Gerstmann

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I'm. All. About. Dat. Chat.

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Oh, wow! As a recent premium member I was searching through old archives hoping to find a live show where Ryan played through those Famicom games. Thanks for this!