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So my friend to failed to download Dota 2, and I was wondering if I could help him out. Will it work if I copy Dota 2 on a USB and let him paste it on his PC? If so how?

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Wait what? Steam failed to download it? Uuuuuuuhm. I think you should try deleting and redownloading again, because that shouldn't happen unless the servers were fucked when you were trying.

Otherwise, you might be able to put the files in under /Steam/Steamapps/Common/Dota 2 or something to that extent, and let it resync with the program.

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Yeah it gave him an error message or something.

But wouldn't copying the files be a lot quicker?

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@lagoonboy2: maybe if your friend has a bad interwebs connection. I personally think it's easier to delete and redownload

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@slag: Probably. I thought the USB thing was quicker?