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How will you get money to purchase this fall/winter games!??!?!!?!?!??!QUESTIONMARK!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?

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My wallet hates you reminding him that he's hungry. Wallet Hungry!

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 No freakin idea.

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well i get paid for going to college (IN UK) i ahve a job for like 2 hours per week and pays £20= 40$ so i get 400$ per month and i am fine for my games lol

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Okay, I'm fine with that. BUT THINK ABOUT IT

there's actually a lot coming, most being 60 bucks a pop


ok listen to my planCOLON:

It's all about blackmail, we get the companies, we get THE GAMES, MAN!!! GAMES!!!!!!EXCLAMATIONPOINT!!!!!!

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haha, I gotta get a job soon, I had to quit my last one.

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I can't! Which sucks...

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I will get a job here soon. Also I usually trade in games I don't play anymore. I have a great local game store that gives wonderful trade-in value.

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I have a decent enough stockpile of cash to handle my expenses for the rest of this year. I'll have to get a new job by Christmas though since I doubt i'll last much longer beyond that.

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I have a job so yeah I have a pretty good flow of money

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idk, I really need a job.

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Yeah I am so broke right now.

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Maybe, hm, work?

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Heh, actually I created this post to really depress everyone LOL

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I work at a very well paying job right now, so I'm set.

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work hard and then when i have removed all the money from my pay for my bills (car and laptop) then ill see what i can scape together why still saving for a ps3, comics and saving a little extra incase i dont pay my laptop off. So in other words i'll maybe get 1 or 2 games. Aslong as one of those is Fable 2 or Fallout 3, i should be good...

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Well, I have plenty of bills to pay (rent, electricity, water, etc.) and my position at the university does not pay that well, so I guess I'll just have to find a way to make ends meet.

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i'm going to donate my body to the US military for them to test out new experiemental drugs/mind control techniques/biological weapons.  Hope it doesn't affect my game-playing ability.