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This seems as good a time as any to reflect back on dive kickers in video games. Regrettably any and all characters from the upcoming Divekick game shall be excluded from this discussion but there are still plenty to choose.

My personal favorite would be Seth from King of Fighters 2000/2002. He has four variations of dive kicks including a mid range, a far range, one that goes backwards, and a close range that just Bison stomps straight down. I love pissing my friends off with that straight stomp.

KoF has a lot of great ones like Kim, Choi, Robert, and Benimaru. I could name at least a dozen more off the top of my head from various games but that would spoil the fun of the thread. So who are your favorite dive kickers?

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Dr. Doom because he can interrupt his foot dive call out with another foot dive call out and another and another and another, etc.

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rufus has a pretty annoying divekick

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Dante and Vergil - UMvC3 / DMC3

Raiden - Metal Gear Rising / PS All-Stars

I'm lobbying for a character in Divekick called Robo-demon, since all three have similar hair and divekicks.

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Will Smith.

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Liu Kang (guess that counts, right?)

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Liu Kang (guess that counts, right?)

Typically a dive kick goes down at an angle. Sure you're not thinking of Kung Lao?

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warui ne

F-Nanaya's my pick as his divekick is pretty damn good. It hits overhead, crosses up well and trades with/beats plenty of moves. Also, aerial counter-hits are huge in Melty, making this move extra good.

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Yoshimitsu from Tekken. His Kangaroo Kick and Shark Attack Blow combo both literally feature kicks set up by a dive.

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Marvel vs. Capcom 1 Wolverine, that fucker's divekick was completely vertical and could be cancelled into a full combo and was totally safe on block.

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Makoto has a pretty awesome divekick in Street Fighter III.

*Leaps 30 feet in the air*
*Divekicks like a boss*

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Raven from Tekken, because he's the only one I can think of.

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Captain Falcon? JYESSSH!

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Cammy because dat ass.

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I can confirm that Batman has a divekick in Injustice.

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@meganeagain: I'm just surprised to find a Melty Blood player in here.