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Alright, I did do a search for this first but perhaps the right keywords weren't used.  
With that said, what was your favourite game from the 80s? After listening to horrendous amounts of 80's music over the last few days I started thinking about what games I played while growing up. I remember getting that Nintendo and watching life change! You might think I'd say Mario Bro's but Zelda was such an amazing game! It was difficult at that age... .still difficult today in some respects. Had a story worth remembering in the early days of video gaming..... sure, Pitfall! was great, but what's my motive?  It even led to one of my favourite SNES games in A Link to the Past..... ;-) 

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I remember playing PGA Tour on a new 486. It was glorious. My how times have changed. Golf games used to have great graphics back in the day. Links would kick your ass.

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Galaga. I love Galaga. 

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The closest I got to golf was SimGolf - that was a fun game... not 80's though.

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Most of my favorite games of all time come from the 90's.  But i'll go ahead and say Secret of Monkey Island. 

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Lol old people thread.
The first game that comes to mind for me is the Old Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt game. I would play that at my cousin's house, and it was awesome back then.

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Don't think I've ever played a game from the 80s O.O I've played Pacman but that was 70s.

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@TekZero said:
" Most of my favorite games of all time come from the 90's.  But i'll go ahead and say Secret of Monkey Island.  "
You mean the game that was released in October 1990?
Anyway, I'm not too sure, possibly Zelda 1.
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none :$

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Xenon, Twin Kingdom Valley, Soccerboss,  Exile
Strikers Run, Repton Series
The last ninja, Shinobi, 
Sphinx Adventure, Arcadians, chuckie egg
to name a few

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Does Vice City count? 

Video games don't come much more 80s than this 
In all seriousness, I was born in 1990, so all the exposure I've had to 80s games has been much more recent. In fact, most of it has been in the last five years or so, since gaming became a really major hobby of mine. With all this in mind, I guess I'm going to have to say the original Final Fantasy. Granted, the version I played was a revamped port, but the essence of the original game was still very much there. To this day I think it's one of my favourite games in the Final Fantasy franchise - it represents the series at its simplest and most pure, and while it's not particularly original, all the parts come together to create an experience that's still memorable some twenty-five years on.
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haha I wanted to say Vice City also.  
Thats a hard one to narrow down. I loved the origional Ninja Gaiden when I was a kid so I'll go with that.
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  Déjà Vu 

It was so incredible for me at the time.   
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@Goldanas said:

   Déjà Vu 

 It was so incredible for me at the time.    "
So strange, that looks exactly like the same engine used in Shadowkeep on the NES, I guess it's from the same company and stuff.. prolly even on the NES.. I'll have a look tho cheers.
shadow gate even :P
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It's hard to go wrong with Qix. It's simple and addicting. There are plenty of Intellivision and NES games that I loved, but I'm always up for Qix.