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Poll: For owners of current and last gen consoles. Which have you spent more time using so far? (110 votes)

More time spent using current gen (Xbox One, PS4, Wii U) 49%
More time spent using last gen (Xbox 360, PS3, Wii) 34%
About the same 17%

We're nearly a year into the current generation of consoles and I'm wondering how much people are still using previous gen consoles relative to the current gen.

For those of you that have bought an Xbox One, PS4, or Wii U AND own a previous gen console (Xbox 360, PS3, Wii) which console generation have you used more since you purchased your current gen console?

#1 Posted by afabs515 (1488 posts) -

I stopped using my 360 for games close to 2 years ago now. The only reason I still have it is for Persona 4 Ultimax next week. I've spent a ton of time with my PS4 over the past week and even more time on my PC.

#2 Posted by ll_Exile_ll (2155 posts) -

Playing games? Certainly new gen. However, I still use my PS3 for netflix since the media remote doesn't work on PS4, so technically my PS3 has probably been used more than the PS4.

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@ll_exile_ll: To clarify - I'm talking about usage overall... not just playing games

#4 Posted by Corevi (6793 posts) -

I don't have a next gen console (went PC), but I haven't played any games (excluding Destiny) on either of my last gen consoles since GTAV on PS3 and since Red Dead on 360.

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Mostly due to Dark Souls 2 and Don Bradman 2014 (yes really) I've definitely used previous gen consoles the most so far. I'm hoping that'll have changed by the end of the year with the upcoming big releases like Destiny, Dragon Age and Alien.

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Since I bought my Wii U, it's about the only console I've used. I do use my Ps3 for netflix, but that time spent doesn't come anywhere close to the amount of time I put into Monster Hunter alone, not to mention Super Mario 3D World and Mario Kart 8. This is keeping in mind, of course, that I also have a PC.

#7 Posted by ViciousBearMauling (1621 posts) -

The Fighting Game Machine, er, I mean PS3, has been on a lot more.

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Been playing (and somehow still not finishing) a bunch of games in my backlog so the older consoles have been the ones putting in the most work lately.

#9 Posted by Zeik (3486 posts) -

Well if you count video services like Netflix then I use my PS4 more than my PS3, but as for gaming it kinda depends on what I'm doing at the time. My PS3 is still hooked and ready to use just like any other console, so when I feel like playing a PS3 game I do, and I have played several PS3 games this year.

#10 Posted by pyrodactyl (2767 posts) -

Even with dark souls 2 I spent way more time with my PS4 than my 360. BF4, AC4, infamous, watch dogs, the last of us, transistor and a handfull of indy games vs dark souls 2 and the first half of both the walking dead and the wolf among us. It's really no contest.

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Been playing (and somehow still not finishing) a bunch of games in my backlog so the older consoles have been the ones putting in the most work lately.

I'm going to guess that at least some of those games are JRPGs that will take forever to finish.

#12 Posted by FinalDasa (2540 posts) -

Easily current gen. The One's TV options is how I watch cable and the ability to just bail out and start Netflix or the WWE app is pretty awesome. I'm not doing too much gaming on either, except the occasional freebie, and hopefully that changes some time soon.

I do fire up the older consoles from time to time to play through an older game. It's actually somewhat nice to by older games for a cheaper price and have some time to get through them. It does suck having to juggle HDMI cables from time to time but I assume once new games finally start coming out the old stuff may be put on a shelf.

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Combined, I get a lot of use out of both my Wii U and my PS3. Not so much my PS4 yet.

#14 Posted by csl316 (11207 posts) -

My PS4 and Wii U get a ton of usage. This includes Blu rays on PS4 and Youtube on Wii U. I still have a last-gen backlog so all my systems are plugged in at various TV's.

Gamewise? Somehow my Vita is conquering all.

#15 Posted by SkullPanda1 (741 posts) -

i've dumped more time on my vita with remote play and indie games. rouge legacy alone takes about 2 hours a day from my life.

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@aegon said:

@babychoochoo said:

Been playing (and somehow still not finishing) a bunch of games in my backlog so the older consoles have been the ones putting in the most work lately.

I'm going to guess that at least some of those games are JRPGs that will take forever to finish.

Yuuuup haha, most of 'em are. In fact, now that I think about it, aside from Dante's Inferno, I think all of them are...

#17 Posted by selfconfessedcynic (2743 posts) -

Current gen by a hair - but only because I'm including PC in that.

Dark Souls 2 makes this kindof unfair though, since there aren't any next gen games that long yet.

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Now that I think about it a bit I usually spent about the same amount of time on all of the consoles. For some reason I go from one device to the next without really overusing a certain one. This could be thanks to psplus slightly since it gives me a reason to check out games on ps3\4\vita.

#19 Posted by bluefish (667 posts) -

I made a big list of last gen games I wanted to replay before current gen releases really picked up, mostly 360 stuff. So that's where I've spend the majority of my time. It's been changing in the last few weeks with Diablo and P.T. though. Looking forward to a pretty looking Far Cry 4 :D

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I sold my Wii to a friend a few years ago and pulled my PS3 out of the entertainment center last November. After the launch of the Xbox One I've turned my 360 on maybe five times.

#21 Posted by RonGalaxy (3705 posts) -

About the same, though that's because I'm working through my backlog at the moment. It's gonna be a different story during the holidays/early next year.

When it comes to playing on multiple platforms, I find that it isn't so much of a balancing act between them all, but rather I'll be playing on one for a few weeks while I ignore another. Right now I'm playing the witcher on PC, so neither my ps3 nor my ps4 have gotten a lot of play time lately.

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I have a PS4 and Xbox one but do a lot of my gaming on the PC, to the point that my PC probably dwarfs all of my console use combined including using netflix on my PS3. However I have been playing my PS4 more and more with all the games being released for free with PS plus and on PSN in general. Really the only reason why I start up my PS3 is to use netflix especially since persona 5 is now coming to PS4 I don't see myself using my PS3 for gaming anymore.

Edit: I used to have a 360 but I can't use it anymore since all it does is freeze on the xbox logo screen when you start it up.

#23 Posted by Shindig (1519 posts) -

Previous is kinda edging it due to most of my backlog being there. Current gen's holding up, though. Me and a few mates make an effort of regularly partying up to give our PS4's some use.

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I use my PC almost exclusively. But I haven't turned my PS3 or 360 on in forever, while I at least start the PS4 once a month to check out what's up on PS+.

#25 Posted by SethPhotopoulos (5775 posts) -

I go back and forth. Sometimes I'll play one while barely touching the other. Depends on what games I'm playing.

#26 Posted by FriendlyPhoenix (586 posts) -

I said current gen, but thinking about it some more it's probably pretty even. I've played more games on PS4/WiiU(mostly PS4) than my PS3, but I also use the PS3 for Netflix, Amazon Instant, and HBO Go. And a few of the games I've played on PS3 have been JRPGs, so that's a significant time investment there too. So yeah, probably pretty even, if not leaning towards the last gen side.

#27 Posted by MEATBALL (4072 posts) -

I've definitely spent more time with my PS4 and WiiU than PS3/Wii/360 since the PS4's release.

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Boxed up my PS3 the same day I got my PS4. GTA V was the last game I was interested in playing, so had no reason to have it taking space anymore after that.