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Audio version: http://misc.nyx.me/podcastgen/

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DISCLAIMER: So yeah, youtube is currently being a massive bitch and won't allow us to post the episodes. The feed is in, so we figured we won't bother anymore with youtube versions, unless we miraculously make it work again.

Once again, for good measure:


Hey, you guys! We've been out for a week due to the recent sad fucking events involving the passing of Ryan Taswell Davis, so this week the Giant Bomb Community Podcast returns in full force with two episodes, because nothing stops us, motherfucker.

Giant Bomb Community Podcast Ep. 15 - That's a Hot-Ass Eagle

Cast: @ackbarthegreat, @believer258, @ghostiet, @nyxfe, @phatmac, @reddenblack

In this AMERICAN episode, we discuss AMERICA, AckbarTheGreat - the podcast's favorite AMERICAN soundboard, we scream at Phatmac in AMERICAN accents about the Double Fine Broken Age Kickstarter Meltdown(tm), discuss a chick fucking an AMERICAN stallion. And Mass Effect. And more. AMERICA.

Giant Bomb Community Podcast Ep. 16 - Pop Rocking

Cast: @ackbarthegreat, @alaska_gamer, @believer258, @ghostiet, @nyxfe, @reddenblack

And for this week, the podcast we all deserve. We tribute Ryan Davis the best we can by having a disgusting discussion at the very beginning, after which we move on to shitting on Project X Zone, talking about the obvious superiority of Fallout New Vegas over Fallout 3, which is a goddamn piece of shit, we also talk a bunch about the new Borderlands 2 DLC and finish off with a dramatic reading of GTA V gameplay reactions. And many, many more.

SEND US MAIL, we dare you, at giantbombcommunitypodcast@gmail.com!

Also, we'll have the special episode of the GBCP, where we compile community people talking about the late Ryan Davis, posted real soon.


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Confirmed - that first discussion in episode 16 is just as fucking hilarious the second time around.

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what am i listening to

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This technically counts as self-promotion. As long as it's sanctioned by the Giant Bomb crew, count me in!

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