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It'd be pretty cool to have a IRC channel for GB. Thoughts?

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Hmm, might get a little full but it could work.

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Who will... host this.... IRC channel.... you speak of...

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An IRC channel would be fun. Don't worry about it getting full; I'm in plenty of channels with a lot of people and it's all great fun.
Hosting isn't an issue either, because you just have to register a channel on an existing server (I vote for Rizon as a server).

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Seems like a decent idea.   Somebody set up a channel and I'll be there.

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Miniman said:
"For discussion I suppose? Isn't that what this forum is for?
Yeah but this will be live discussion.
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It would be better to have unions that could set up their own IRC channels.

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All so we'd need an java irc chat, or a chatango.

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Seems cool!

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Takes a few seconds to set up a IRC channel, not much to discuss really... just do it and post it here. I'm not at home right now otherwise I'd do it.

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I'm more of a forum-guy.

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Jax said:
"Ok it's up....

Server is:


Well, I'm in it. Awaiting people.
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yea IRC's kool but kinda confusing for the newbies. for all of you who play rock band im pretty sure you know who IBitePrettyHard is well his channel is running 24/7

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Whut? Why was Jax's post deleted?

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It's a cover up, man!!


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Greetings from 3 years in the future, dusty, old, unloved forum thread. I am here to give you a brief warmth from my embrace.