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Hey duders, I'll be in Dearborn, Michigan this weekend giving a TEDx talk. Some folks wanted to do a meetup, and I finally had a chance to pick a spot...

Seems like a rad dive bar, and I'll be there at 10pm on Saturday. Will try to hang out for a bit!

Hope to see ya there.

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Aww man, I wish I could make it! I'm just across the river in Windsor, Canada!

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Some of that bar food looks god damn delicious. Dearborn's pretty close to me, and in theory I'd love the chance to meet any of the Giantbomb staff, though in practice I'm not sure what I'd say :-/

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I'm like an hour north. Maybe I'll go. I never go to bars though, never been my thing.

@toowalrus said:

though in practice I'm not sure what I'd say :-/

haha yeah

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we can just talk about games, mang.

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How far away is that from Eastern Idaho...like an hour or two?

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I'm about an hour and a half North. This is, I'm sure, the closest I'll ever be to something like this. But that's still a ways....

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@patrickklepek: Well.... normally we don't allow Bears fans in these parts, but I will vouch for you. I do have plans to visit Halloweekends at Cedar Point, but if those plans fall through due to the weather, I will be there. Good luck on your speech.

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I've got a Halloween party that night, but I'll try my damnedest to get the wife to stay sober and drive me down there later.

So if a 6'7" Papa Smurf and slutty Wolf Blitzer walk in, it's just us.

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@oldenglishc How did your wife know my fetish? Indecent proposal?

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If I had the time to go to Michigan, I would just to meet up with you guys! Don't think I can though, which stinks!

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I'll be there with bells on. Literal or figurative, I'm not sure yet.

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I'll be there too, WITH @coldphone himself. Can't promise any bells though. But, I will do my best to wear clothes, nonetheless.

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have fun duders! wish i could but i live in cali...

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@patrickklepek moves to Chicago and Chicago people get gypped. 4 hour drive? Nah, son.

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@mideonnviscera: I'll double whatever you offer me, if you promise to keep her.

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so what exactly happens at a meet up? fans just like sit around stare at patrick and smile? i feel like there some definite awkwardness to be had. all i can picture is a personification of a GB chat window. id check it out if it were remotely close.

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Fuck! How about come to Toronto instead of that butthole place. We've got a whole functioning government and tasty maple syrup and everything!

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Only on GiantBomb is an invitation to a social event followed by questions and anxiety about how socializing works.

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@the_nubster: Pffff. In Montreal we have all that stuff and we have also REAL Poutine.


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@fear_the_booboo: We have this big tower though... it's pretty dope

Only on GiantBomb is an invitation to a social event followed by questions and anxiety about how socializing works.

Also i agree, this thread became something absolutely hilarious. I would consider going but Toronto is pretty darn far.

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Man, too bad this is on the east side. Grand Rapids has a number of awesome bars that'd totally kick ass for this kinda thing. [we're named beer city for a reason.]

Oh well.

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Fuckin fuck, I'm probably gonna get stuck watching the game somewhere and depending on the results be too drunk or way too drunk to get to Deaborn at 10.

I'll try to be there if everything else falls through though.

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So close to me, yet I can't go since I'm unable to drive thanks to my disability. :(

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@patrickklepek I can't wait to hang out with some giantbomb peeps! I'm bringing a little Chicago themed gift too...

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I just graduated from UM Dearborn this April. Would be a perfect place to come see Patrick speak and meetup afterwards, but alas, I'll be partying it up at a friend's wedding.

Good luck Patrick, err, break a leg.

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I'll be at the talk and the meet up afterward, despite it being in the middle of a Tigers game.

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95% sure I'll be there. If you see a dude with longish blond hair in a blue&white shirt, it'll most likely be me.

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It was a good time! I was the guy in the Marussia shirt.

Patrick in person still has that pause while he articulates a thought then says something with passion and intellect, except way more animated.

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Patrick was pretty cool. I hope I'll always be "Suikoden guy" to him.

Also the drunk middle aged dude who was angry about Minecraft was pretty funny.

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Hey, duders!

This is Jon, the guy who was wearing the 2013 member's tee. I had a great time meeting and talking with everyone today. I hope you enjoyed your brief visit to Michigan, Pat!

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Awesome time! @patrickklepek was just as friendly, fun and insightful in person as he is on the interwebtubez. Good job on the TedTalk too!

I was just happy that somewhere between the baseball, videogames, and fantasy football I was able to land myself in a conversation about motorsports!

I'd say any time Patrick and Katie want to make a return trip, DON'T BE BASHFUL! AIN'T NO PARTY LIKE A MICHIGAN PARTY 'CAUSE A MICHIGAN PARTY...gots peninsulas and a buncha big lakes 'n' shitz.

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Had a hell of a great time hanging out with everyone last night rambling about random racing and video game stuffs! Hopefully the beer didn't make me ramble TOO much. Regardless, Michigan's got quite a few awesome duders in the mix.

Sad I missed that whole Minecraft silliness from where I was seated. It still sounds utterly hilarious.

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That was awesome, I was the loud guy with the turquoise 5k shirt on. Definitely very awesome to talk fantasy football with patrick, and to finally admit that I'm miserably bad at racing games(though I'm going to make it my goal to at least get some cheevos in dirt 2/forza 3). That was an absolutely fantastic night, and you're all awesome, and forced me to stop lurking on this site after 5 years of following it.

I'll definitely post more on here from now on.

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Started a separate thread for people to maybe post and talk about getting together more meetups! I was there with my wife, lochnessie82

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The meet-up was a ton of fun! I was the loud guy in the green/blue patterned shirt and fauxhawk.

See, guys, he called it Minecrap! Get it?! I s'pose I'll have to hang around the forums more often now that I've actually met some duders.

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Hey guys, I was the guy in the gray sweater and purple collared shirt. (White guy with beard wouldn't really narrow it down). It was a seriously great night, and like a lot of others, I think it'll motivate me to stop just lurking and actually join the community. It was so nice to meet other fans in the area, not to mention Patrick and Katie. Thanks everyone for a seriously memorable night.

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Started a separate thread for people to maybe post and talk about getting together more meetups! I was there with my wife, lochnessie82

I made it to the TEDx and talked with Patrick for a few minutes there. Reminds me of my buddy who is also too skinny to not stick out in Michigan! I can say that... I have lived here all my life... and I'm a little fat!

Wish I could have made the meetup. Had prior commitments that I couldn't get out of. I'd love to participate in a Giant Bomb Michigan Meetup (GBMM anyone... anyone?) in the near future. Please post a link to the thread and I will definitely pass it around. If you need help organizing, please PM me and I will get you my email address and phone number. I can do East side/west side of Detroit, but If we get close to or past Ann Arbor, I probably can't make that far out (East-Sider).

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Was a good time to be sure! I was the one in the Revengeance hoodie and one of the two guys who gave Patrick the bags full of Michigan stuff. (All hail Tim Allen!)