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Hey Duders,

So im sure this topic has came up before but I was thinking it would be a super cool idea for the Giantbomb crew to host a movie night on the website, it could be every Friday or once a month or something but we could all hangout and talk in the chat while it plays. I was thinking they could use some movies that where used in TANG.

I think this could be a pretty neat idea for the Giantbomb community to hangout outside of gaming guilds/clans and seeing each other at PAX and other conventions, I just thought about this a couple days ago and like I said I don't know if this has been brought up before or anything but im just throwing my thoughts around on this forum, let me know what you guys think.

Thanks for reading.

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It would be cool but as Giant Bomb being a commercial property, there are issues in regards to licensing of a particular film, some laws, etc. If it were to stream on Twitch as well, we got another layer of unfortunate issues. It's not impossible, it's just complicated. As for a community effort, it's more or less the same issue unless really privatized.

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Ah that sucks, I didnt know it would be that complicated and have so many obstacles for the crew to work over, thanks for the info though

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Dude, Screened used to do that, I'm pretty sure. They just can't air the movie. All they do is tell the movie ahead of time. Then have some sort of countdown to press play. Line it up with what they're watching, and it's like we're all watching a movie together.

My roommate does this with his out of state girlfriend nightly. It's not that hard to figure out.

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Oh yeah true. Well there is the issue of scheduling and keep it long term. Wow it's been a while since I have been on these forums.

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You should probably subscribe to a premium membership. they have been watching speedruns of games lately (which that's probably the closest thing you'ill get)

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Make it a GMT movie night and I'm in.

I guess I could watch it archived. Not the same thing though. Still, Giant Bomb commenting over movies sounds like a great fucking idea.

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@mrfluke O really?, I havent seen that on the website, is it archived?

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@bearklaw19: subscribers only, they only watched 2 so far, one on ocarina of time and the other on castlevania for nes

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I'm sure it would end up being Bad Boys II every time.