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#51 Posted by coonce (1429 posts) -

@sgt1shot1kill: This is pretty amazing. How can I purchase a copy?

#52 Posted by JamesJeux007 (473 posts) -

Dat mustache...

#53 Posted by Nekroskop (2786 posts) -

That picture is more real than one would think.

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#55 Posted by Jaxley (63 posts) -

Great work. I feel sorry for Drew though!

#56 Posted by Kinapuff (244 posts) -

Did the attachments get lost with the site transfer?

#57 Edited by egg (1467 posts) -

I prefer giving back to giant bomb with money. Though I'm sure they'd rather have art.

#58 Posted by CDUB901 (195 posts) -

If you were to get more of these printed I would so buy one and hang it up on my wall...seriously amazing, it's my background on my phone right now

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looks fucking dope!

#61 Posted by Benny (1953 posts) -

Now we know the story of how Patrick lost his eye. Pothole collusion!!!

#62 Posted by ZeForgotten (10397 posts) -

I'm still not sure why the text is flipped, or backwards or whatever.
(look at Vinnys vest and the numbers on brads suit, etc)

It's a little weird.
Awesome poster.. but weird

#63 Posted by Sanj (2393 posts) -

That is boss.

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Maybe try to include Drew and Dave on each side of the Giantbomb Squad instead of random spaceships but other than that this is an amazing piece of art. Great to see the best gaming website on the internet also has the greatest community on the internet!

#65 Posted by bunnymud (717 posts) -

Needs more Drew

#66 Posted by ZionSiva (26 posts) -

This is awesome! Great job.

#67 Posted by Bandit_Fox (143 posts) -

Dude, that's wicked. Bravo.