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I think that's hilarious that there are people still keeping it alive, as well as cool on Microsoft/Bungie's part that they still haven't completely shut down the servers just yet. I mean, they could just ban their Xboxes or something and shut the whole thing down at any time, but they're not doing so at the moment. 
What's the over/under on when the Xboxalypse will actually happen? I'm guessing by next Tuesday- scratch that, 12:1 odds that they'll be goners by Saturday morning.

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I'm guessing Saturday at some time.

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@VinceNotVance: i actually dont think they can easily shut down xbox live, isnt it interconnected with the 360's xbox live?
anyways i think 1 of 2 things will happen
these guys will all disconnect soon (internet hiccup or something like that) or they will all get banned when microsoft has had enough, im sure they are violating some terms of service somewhere right now
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That is actually quite sad. Halo 2 truly must have been an incredible game to warrant two weeks of constant connection and gaming. Maybe, just maybe, Bungie would see the incredible devotion of these players and push out a re-release of Halo 2 to download, with upgraded Xbox LIVE ability, to prevent it from limiting friends lists etc.
I knew Halo 2 was meant to be an amazing game, and this really does suggest that. They are willing to risk ruining an original Xbox console, purely to play Halo 2 online. Now that is devotion of the highest level, and yet, only 14 gamers are still soldiering on for Halo 2. They truly must have loved that game, and while I never played it on the Xbox, it looks like it would have been a great game. I hope their cause is noticed by Microsoft or Bungie. While Reach might be their final hurrah for the company, will we see their second re-released? I sure as hell hope so. Keeping the graphics and quirks but simply tweaking the XBL aspect to it, purely to make some gamers happy, would be an incredible thing to see.

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I feel bad, but at the same time, extremely proud that there are extremists such as this that are more passionate about their gaming than I am. Makes me happy to know that everything lives on somehow.

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@xMP44x: You know that's never going to happen, right? 
Personally I'm glad I gave up (Technically not of my own choice however). I lasted until the following Monday/Tuesday and then my 360 gave up the chase and overheated on me. I'm so fucking thankful that it did though.    
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There are still 14 people online? It continues to amaze me how long these guys have been able to stay online.

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This kind of story pleases me.  Anyone know if a sweepstake is going for how long it lasts?