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So I got bored a while ago and started roaming the internet and I stumbled across this. I have never seen nor heard of this thing before and its supposed to come out some time this year. When was this thing announced or was it even announced at all? Not that it seems like i would want one i just want to know if anyone knows anything about it...

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Well they talked about it pretty extensively on the Bombcast this week, so I'm guessing a fair amount of us have heard of it... it's silly.

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I think it's a fantastic piece of hard-ware and I really look forward to see more competition in the "mobile" arms race rather than relying on the shitty gaming capabilities of the iPhone. I don't think the SHIELD will revolutionize the industry per se, but I definitely believe it's going to be a landmark when something more relevant starts to ramp up. I know I'll most likely be picking up one if the end-product actually meets the promises told.

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This was announced at CES.

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Niche product, although it seems closer to what I wanted the Steambox to be than the actual Steambox.

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lol, it's certainly not unknown, as others have said it was just announced at CES.

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there's a huge thread somewhere in these forums. try searching next time.