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Do you guys ever feel a great sense of pride when you edit a wiki for a game you really care about that's been neglected? I know I do, especially when you can't even find information for it on the internet and you have to investigate it yourself and produce original information. Just a great feeling.

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Rocked that Island Wars 2 page! Although, I do feel great shame in a vast majority of my work now. Comma splices, like there's no tomorrow.

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Yes, but only if I, you know, do it.

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The only video game that I anticipated hard enough and know enough about was Battlefield 3, which is the only wiki I have an actual contribution to. 
It took me 10 months of reading tweets and forum threads and watching interviews and downloading scans to know what I know about the game and consequently be able to contribute to the wiki, so I have NO IDEA how others can contribute to multiple wikis.. Do these mad wiki editors spend their days and nights gathering info for so many games like I did for BF3? That can't be.

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If it's a minor edit, I'm happy to help make the wiki more accurate/complete. But it feels awesome when I add a giant load of content to drop a giant bomb on a page.

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I loved the feeling of adding massive chunks of info to the wiki, it was very satisfying.

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That's pretty much how I'm handling the Tear Ring Saga wiki. I'm basically playing through the game and transcribing the script into a series of events. I'd devote an entire section to the weird names the translators are giving some characters, but I'm not sure that has a place on Giant Bomb.

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yep! although i've only really edited DOA pages because no one else will.  

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@AjayRaz said:


How? How do you feel pride in the fact that you are an expert on "Suck My Dick or Die!"?

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I do when I feel I deserve it, like if I add a new game to the database.

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@Video_Game_King said:

@AjayRaz said:


How? How do you feel pride in the fact that you are an expert on "Suck My Dick or Die!"?

because no one else did it!
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I apparently wrote the one shitty paragraph on the Fatal Labyrinth page. I have no memory of writing any of that and I don't think your character actually has a name, so I think my profile was hacked by aliens at one point.

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I even know that at least one of the people I wrote a wiki entry about was very well aware of it. A strange feeling - especially as I inadvertantly unnerved him.

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Editing the wiki is fun!

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I've never edited anything, mostly because my writing is horrible!

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I am the only person who cares about the Banjo-Kazooie wiki, JINJONATOR!

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Yeah I just love how I personally created contributed so much to the most extensive wiki entry about wishbone's amazing odyssey that I can find on the internet. :D

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Not really....the only page I'm proud of is the Super Metroid page.

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@Hizang said:

I am the only person who cares about the Banjo-Kazooie wiki, JINJONATOR!

I was planning on working on the Banjo-Kazooie wiki but got side-tracked.

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I did a bunch of stuff to the creatures page's but they still kinda suck

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I made 2 edits in the floppy disk save icons page. so yeah i feel a general sense of pride

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Pride is a sin.