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So, as you probably already know, Divekick is going to be getting a lot of changes soon. I won't recap them here, you can read them here.

But, I, after reading some of these, and seeing some of them on the Divekick Esports hour (I missed the beginning), I have to say, I'm upset. Angry, even. Angry in a way that makes me disgusted with myself for being so upset over something dumb like Divekick.

But... I... I'm still angry. Not that they're changing the game, but because they're changing the game so much, and not giving the option to stick with the original. I mean, The Baz is almost a completely different character now, and I'm not going to say that one version is better than the other. I can't, I haven't played New Baz.

I don't like that they're just getting rid of Classic Baz in favor of New Baz. If I patch Divekick after this goes live, then Classic Baz is gone. Forever. So, I could just not patch the game, but that's lame. And it got me thinking, wouldn't it be better if The Addition Edition of Divekick was a wholly new game?

You know, like what Capcom has been doing forever with fighting games.

And... The fact that I now think that Capcom's method of re-releasing games has... left me rethinking life. I mean, I learned at the doctor's today that I'm most likely going to be on medicine for the rest of my life for my Crohn's Disease. I have a fairly serious medical condition that will be with me for the rest of my life, that will likely require a whole lot of nonsense and frustration...

But Divekick is causing me more stress. This re-evaluating of how I perceive changes games is changing how I think about these things.

I'm not saying these changes are bad across the board. I'm not saying anything about them, other than I don't personally like the sound of a lot of them (like how the YOLO gem no longer makes Jefailey's head grow). I'm just saying that the option should be there for people that don't want to change. Whether that means making Addition Edition a new game, or having an option in the game to go by the old version, I don't know. I'm just saying that the option should be there, and even though I never realized it before, Capcom had come across the solution years ago.

I just never realized it because I never cared before.

Divekick is dead. I hate you Dave Lang.

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Nobody plays original AE or even Super nowadays...

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@mooseymcman: Somewhere, some guy at Capcom responsible for all the re-releases of their fighting games is crying a this keyboard saying "yes..yes someone gets it!"

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@mooseymcman: Sorry to hear you have Crohn's Disease. Doctors thought I might have it a few years back, but fortunately it was a more temporary condition. Hopefully you'll get used to the medicine and it will really help you.

As for Divekick, well... I get why these changes might bother you. Though, you slipping in that other news with this kind of makes me think it's actually the root of you being more upset about this. Sure it's a big change, but the real big change is what you mentioned about the condition. I mean, a few of the times I found out I needed another surgery, other things bothered me more, as well; like it was easier to be mad about something else than about something so meaningful. Maybe that's not the case with you, but it just sounds similar.

Anyway, sorry about Divekick. Maybe they'll offer classic options in the future. *hug*

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This applies to both things you've been going through, recently.

I still haven't played more that about 10 minutes of Divekick on Steam. It seemed super neat.

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Sorry to hear about your Crohn's Disease. I had a recent bout of horrific stomach pain and that just turned out to be constipation, so I can't imagine how utterly devastating an actual serious condition must be. You have my sympathies. And my sword.

As for Divekick, have you contacted the devs with your thoughts? I doubt they're averse to hearing what their consumers want.

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The thing about Capcom's method of re-releasing fighting games is the only people who seem to get upset by it are the people that won't play said fighting games after the shininess has worn off, or quit playing the original with no real intent of jumping back in for the re-release.

Just look at the announcement for Ultra SFIV on here, a load of people commenting negatively yet I would bet money most of them barely played SFIV, it's just a textbook case of bandwagon hate. (nor do these people actually look into the rather good value proposition all these updates have had - I broke it down)

I have no idea what the Divekick changes are but I never really thought of that game as something to be taken seriously. I guess that sucks if people are genuinely upset by it, although you always get your fair share of "omg my character is ruined" whenever any changes are made to just about any character or class focused game, be it a moba, mmo or otherwise.

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@truthtellah: Yeah, after doing a lot of thinking last night, and some "soul searching," I came to the conclusion that Divekick was the proverbial "straw that broke the camel's back." IE, after all the crap that I've had to put up with the last few months, that was the thing that broke me, and I got extremely angry. You're right, it's much easier to focus anger on something like this, especially in my case where Crohn's is a hereditary thing that I have no control over, aside from going along with what the doctor's tell me to do. But after getting a good night's sleep, I've calmed down.

Still not happy with the changes, but I'm at least thinking about them more logically, and no longer furious. I am going to have to do a lot of thinking about whether or not I let Divekick patch or not. I may end up buying the PS4 version to have both, which sounds crazy, but I still care about this game, even if I now have it properly in perspective.

@fattony12000 I know! Thanks.

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I mean, I learned at the doctor's today that I'm most likely going to be on medicine for the rest of my life for my Crohn's Disease. I have a fairly serious medical condition that will be with me for the rest of my life, that will likely require a whole lot of nonsense and frustration...

Damn, that sucks man. I'm sorry to hear about that. I really hope that it has minimal impact on your life.

As for the MUCH more important topic of Divekick changes, have to say I disagree with you. I actually wish Capcom and other big fighting games would be more willing to completely transform their characters like Iron Galaxy are doing with AE. Who knows, maybe you will end up liking New Baz more than Old Baz? Or maybe not, and you will be inspired to learn someone new. Fighting games are about adaptability, after all (though admittedly this is a weird sort of meta-adaptability).

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Good thing you don't play League Of Legends because you'd be constantly on edge with a constant stream of visual upgrades, character tweeks such as completely changing voice actors and kit changes.

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Soul Calibur lost me almost entirely because it threw out one of my main characters to advance the story, even though it replaced her with a nearly identical character (who didn't look anywhere near as cool).

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@thephantomnaut said:

Nobody plays original AE or even Super nowadays...

People would have the option to if they want. That's kind of the point behind @mooseymcman's post.