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I absolutely love this series and cant wait for the next one! Here are my suggestions for truly epic Endurance Runs!

1. World of Warcraft: this would be amazing to see them level to 90 and play with each other.

2. The Ultima Series. The giantbomb crew are almost as funny as Spoony and I would love to see them play this epic series back to back.

3. Takeshi's Challenge. Obviously this is a short game but it would be amazing if they forced Jeff and Vinny to play this game for an hour for 150 days in a row.

4. LiTtle Big Planet. Just one of my favorite games!

5. The entire sonic series. A great series with varied games. Just awesome!

What would you guys like to see for the next few endurance runs?

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Har har.

You are a brave man, but still foolish I fear.

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Oh deary me.

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*Looks at post count*

Oh, not a troll.

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1 made me laugh because of how its worded. I need to grow up.

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The giantbomb crew are almost as funny as Spoony

... Get out.

5. The entire sonic series.

... On second thought, come back. You're going to fit in here juuust fine.

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Patrick and Jeff on a Yoshi's Island endurance run.

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You know what we need? Make GB members do an endurance run instead of requesting new ones...

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The entire sonic series endurance run sounds great.

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You know, the World of Warcraft thing could be a good idea. But it would have to be highly edited and almost like a Top Gear of video games. The overall goal would to get the group of 6 (I believe this is the group size for WOW, haven't played in a few years) and on the way they have specific dungeons or quests or goals to accomplish, which would be provided by Rorie (since he's the most knowledgable and can serve as sort of the guide).

Of course the time required and editing costs would render this type of content impossible with even an IGN level of budget.

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I think they should do a Morrowind Endurance Run with Vinny aaaand, maybe Ryan?

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Jeff plays Nights

Jeff plays Yoshi's Island

Jeff plays, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Red Dead Redemption

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Can someone please just ban this troll account already. It's had its 15 minutes.

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Ah yes, the idealist new forum user.

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This thread made me laugh. Hard.

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@laserbolts said:

1 made me laugh because of how its worded. I need to grow up.

I know. I'd love to see them play with each other.

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They should play Persona 4, I have heard that it is a good game to play.

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We've been through this before, but let's cover it once again.

The staff doesn't need suggestions for another Endurance Run, and threads like this do nothing to increase the likelihood of another ER happening in the near future.

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