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#51 Posted by MackGyver (584 posts) -

I would remake a SNES RPG called Terranigma. I believe that the story and the emotional impact is on equal or greater than most Final Fantasy games. The gameplay is already fantastic and with a little modernization it could be such a timeless hit.

#52 Posted by Arker101 (1474 posts) -

Megaman legends,

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Resident Evil 2. Maybe combine it with RE 3 since they both took place at the same time.

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#56 Posted by Vexxan (4623 posts) -

Majora's Mask 3DS and Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow 3DS. Silver/Gold would be cool too. 

#57 Posted by RubberFactory (290 posts) -

Thief 1 and 2.

#58 Posted by Glottery (1361 posts) -

Outcast with just a graphical update would be pretty swell. Well, suppose the controls could be more slick as well, but anyways!

Think I could list a whole bunch of games, that I'd be happy with getting just improved visuals, like the mentioned Outcast, Grim Fandango, MDK and so on. Not too sure about which games I'd like to get a proper remake of.

#59 Posted by Ketchupp (673 posts) -

Vectorman... don't ask.

#60 Posted by Inkerman (1455 posts) -

Sim-fucking-Ant is the only correct answer.

#61 Posted by AlisterCat (5710 posts) -

Final Fantasy VII, always. Yes, I know.

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I want SSX 3 with better graphics... seriously don't touch anything else, I don't trust you anymore EA Sports.

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@blackbird415 said:


fuck yes. FUCK YES! Monolith needs to stop fucking around and do a proper remake of that game.

#64 Posted by atomic_dumpling (2477 posts) -

I would remake Shadow Man with awesome graphics while keeping everything else exactly the same (especially the ingenious map/world design).

#65 Posted by Tim_the_Corsair (3065 posts) -

Xenon 2...

...actually no, that game is fucking perfect!

#66 Posted by InsidiousTuna (411 posts) -

Hand-animated HD remake of Commander Keen 4: Secrets of the Oracle.

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@Tim_the_Corsair said:

Xenon 2... ...actually no, that game is fucking perfect!

It's the Megablast, it's the Megablast - give it the name The Megablast.

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Psychonauts comes to mind. Clean up the platforming, make the combat more fun, and it would probably sell way better than the original.

#69 Posted by TheGreatGuero (9130 posts) -

@Mikemcn said:

Fallout 1 and 2

Sounds good to me. Though, I'd want them remade in 3D, and on consoles, so I could actually try them.

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@Vinny_Says said:

Do people constantly ask for FF7 to be remade because it is totally garbage when played in a modern context?

Sort of. Depends on what you mean by "garbage" because as far as gameplay and story goes, it's not really any worse than some of the things we still get today (FFXIII anyone?)

Graphically, well, yeah it's the first PS1 FF, a lot of PS1 games could use an overhaul. I still maintain that it has some really nice looking pre-rendered environments, though.

There are a couple of reasons FFVII would be my choice to be remade.

1: Better translation. FFVII has a really poor English localization. Spelling and grammar errors, along with phrasing that makes a lot of dialogue make no sense. A lot of the detail of the world is lost due to these errors, and some of them are so obvious that it's unforgivable that they got by in the first place (This guy are sick.)

2: Introduce new generation to a solid RPG while simultaneously refreshing some older gamers on how the game and characters really acted. Thanks to horrible spinoffs, a pointless movie, and general Internet forum hyperbole, things in FFVII are rarely remembered accurately. Cloud isn't a mopey crybaby. He starts off a cold loner but becomes a pretty loyal companion to his friends, and even has a decent sense of humor. Aeris isn't an innocent princess. She was flirty, energetic, and liked dangerous adventures. Ideally the remake would forget anything in the FFVII compilation exists, and just focus on the game itself and retain these original personalities.

3: This is a more personal reason, but it was the first really cinematic game I ever played so it'll always hold a special place in my mind. Seeing things that blew me away when I was 13 in a fresh new way might reinvigorate some of that nostalgia. There aren't many games that blew me away like it did.

#71 Posted by AhmadMetallic (18954 posts) -

Battlefield 2. I would remake it then pay money to play it. every month.

#72 Posted by TaliciaDragonsong (8699 posts) -

Road Rash or Earthbound.

#73 Posted by Rekt_Hed (850 posts) -

If I was going to remake a game I'd want to have creative control so I could make it so Fuckin obscure from the source material it would be like the super Mario film.

So in answer to the title of like to remake tetris in the style of dragon age just to be able to see shapes get all bloody and have sex with oddly shaped shapes....Ohhhh yeh

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I'd like to see kotor brought up to ME graphics

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@Vinny_Says said:

Do people constantly ask for FF7 to be remade because it is totally garbage when played in a modern context?

They ask for it in part, because it was sometimes proclaimed as the greatest game ever made at the time. They wonder what it'd be like to be played with modern tech now. As much as the the game is often referenced over and over, Square has said that the game would be very expensive to remake, and they have no plans currently, kinda. The biggest resurgence in the interest for a remake was the E3 tech trailer for the PS3 in 2005.

People ask for it so often, because it was a pinnacle at the time, and they wonder what Square Enix could do with the intellectual property now. My opinion is that it wouldn't live up to expectations, but at least we'd stop asking for a remake...for a while.

I want to see what it would be; I loved the game.

#76 Posted by Decibel (73 posts) -

Full fucking Throttle.

#77 Posted by Daracon (26 posts) -

Planescape Torment

#78 Posted by Dunchad (503 posts) -

Already some great suggestions in this thread, but I think a remake of Gabriel Knight series would be awesome.

Barring that, I would pay tons of money for a Black Isle Studios HD pack with Icewind Dale 1&2 and Planescape: Torment.

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@satansmagichat said:

@Seppli said:

Secret of Mana/Final Fantasy VI in hand-drawn 2D. Bringing the concept art to life directly.



So you're saying that all of those games suck in their current incarnations and require a remake in order to be memorable?

Nope - still play all of these every couple of years for a day or so. They all still hold up core mechanics wise. Rollcage and X-Com could use a graphics and physics update badly. Secret of Mana's and Final Fantasy VI's bitmap art is timeless. Nontheless, I'd love...

  • ...Rollcage to receive all the technological upgrades it could receive from modern physics engines and full environmental destructiblity. The franchise must be revived!
  • ...X-COM to be continuously iterated much in the vein of Civilization or Total War; rather than stripping out lots of depth and tailoring much more shallow substitute mechanics (I bet!) around a shooter, the shooter elements should have been an addition to the classic X-COM formula, if at all.
  • And yeah, Secret of Mana and Final Fantasy VI remakes would be so bloody awesome, if they'd just take the game as it is and replace the bitmap art with animated 2D concept art.

In the case of classic Squaresoft 16-bit era gems like FF VI and Secret of Mana, I'd love them to be re-worked in the manner of Final Fantasy IV: Complete Collection for PSP. I'd just wish they'd make the 2D art a whole lot more like animated handdrawn artwork. And absolutely no voicework. All the lenghty VOs kinda killed the classic JRPG formula for me. The pacing goes right out of the window.

Square/Enix - take your artwork and learn to bring it to life in-game directly. Animate the art directly. Make the most amazing looking 2D games rather than the 3D atrocities you produce these days.
#80 Posted by Fizzy (384 posts) -

Super Mario World :D

Would be cool to play it with updated graphics and new levels with the same basic gameplay. Or a Star Wars game with blood and limb removal.