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Links: here and here.  
It will be based on the 4th edition D&D rules, will have co-op, toolset and its not developed by Bioware.

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Awesome. Played a bunch of the first one, not so much the second.
I really need to get back to that...

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Color me cautiously optimistic.  I like the idea of a Neverwinter Nights game being co-op centric, but I'm not sure about his words that it'll be "user friendly."  Sometimes, that's good, but I hope in this case it doesn't mean the game is dumbed down too much.

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I'm down for another Neverwinter game, but.....Cryptic? Does this mean it will be subscription based then? And only 5 classes? At least there will be over 50,000+ customization options I guess :/

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The word Cryptic worries me.

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I just hope that it isn't too "accessible".  But consider me all kinds of excited.  I'm still playing through the last expansion for NWN2 with my four created characters.  That game is RPG heaven. 

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Atari owns the D&D rights, so do not expect Bioware to make a game based off of the license any time soon. 
I am excited for this, they are also releasing a table top version., and R.A. Salvatore is penning a trilogy that leads into the events of the game.

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"Gamers will choose to become one of five classic D&D classes and team up with friends or the AI to form five-person co-op groups.

There's an "extremely user-friendly" content generation system called Forge, too."

I'm not sure I like the sound of this.  It's a D&D game, half of the fun is making your own character.  This sounds like an "action/rpg" 
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sadface @ 4e 
I know it likely translates easier to the gamespace, but, dammit, I want to make my crafting and climb checks!

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@DrDarkStryfe: In theory, Atari and EA could partner up if Bioware was after making a new D&D based game. But these days, all their studios are likely hella busy with Mass Effect 3, Dragon Age 2 and Old Republic.
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All BioWare D&D titles featured a vastly trimmed skill selection. Climb is one of the skills that never really showed up, so yeah. Numerous mechanics from D&D don't work well outside tabletop environments, and I'm glad BioWare decided to use their own systems for their newer titles. 

As for this new "Neverwinter" title... Cryptic... co-op... eh....

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Cryptic will ruin it completely.

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Um, isn't there already DDO? Turbine has a much better track record than Cryptic, not to mention they've already established a decent sized community for their online game, so Neverwinter seems like it'll be dead on arrival. 
I fully expect this to be cancelled.

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 Quests were a novelty in CoX and a tedious 1 1/4 impulse in Star Trek Online. I haven't played much Champions online but they follow the tried and tested Cryptic method.  
I thought developers where trying to avoid that kill 10 X or fetch Z type quests. Guess cryptic loves the grind.     
The Character creator will, like all Cryptic games, be the best feature. 

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So a simpler co-op Neverwinter game from the guys who do MMOs? 
It comes out in 2011 you say?  
Looks like DIablo 3 still has my wallet...and attention.