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Haven't checked it out yet, I'll need to tomorrow morning.

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Man, that hedgehog just keeps getting beat down, again and again.

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just let the little hedgehog die already. He has broken my heart so many times, I want him to commit and be awesome or get out.

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Sega maybe...

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LOL Sonic looks pretty epic with that sword.

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Dead Rising coming to Wii is news to me.  maybe that series will live on afterall. 

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evilhomer said:
"Dead Rising coming to Wii is news to me.  maybe that series will live on afterall.  "
I heard about that I thought Microsoft paid Capcom some massive amount of money to keep that exclusive.
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What happen to my 2D sonic *cries*

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I'd give it a whirl.  It can't be too bad... right?

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The only people who can save Sonic are Nintendo.

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Why do they keep driving him into the ground.  I started really get hopeful with the two Sonic Rush games for the DS and the new RPG on the DS!  Thats AWESOME!  But now we get stuff like this!  WHY?  Is it that hard to see that its a bad idea in the staging area even before the game is announced?

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I think it may be time to give ol' Sonic a rest. It just seems that any new iteration of the "blue blur" is forced and never ends up being that fun to play.

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"Nintendo does it again, another AAAE for the wii" - So that brings it up to 2. And it's Sonic game. It's going to SUCK.

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I like the lack of funny.

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Sonic looks badass in that pic. But who knows, it could be good, i liked The Secret rings so i have my keep my eyes on this one

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Sonic shouldn't have a sword, that's just wrong

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Personally this makes me care even less about my Wii.

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