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Poll: Now which console will you buy? (372 votes)

PS4 83%
WiiU 3%
#1 Edited by living4theday258 (679 posts) -

still sticking with the ps4.

#2 Posted by TheHumanDove (2523 posts) -

Undecided now. A step in the right direction for the xbone though

#3 Edited by Milkman (16845 posts) -

Those $100 are still big. If MS announces some cheaper SKUs for the One, it's anybody's game again.

#4 Posted by sumjugei (54 posts) -

PS4 still wins for me Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch, and indie support, etc....

#5 Posted by christopherson329 (217 posts) -
#6 Posted by ConfusedOwl (944 posts) -

The PS4 is still 100$ cheaper and more powerful. It also has the games I'm most interested in. So I'm still happy with my Pre order.

#7 Posted by mandude (2669 posts) -

I still think that the PS4 still has every advantage over the Xbone.

But I will buy an Xbone when there's a nice exclusive library built up for it.

#8 Edited by christopherson329 (217 posts) -

@ezakael: what games cause all i can think of is infamous second son

#9 Edited by Quarters (1719 posts) -

PS4. I still prefer Sony's games and attitude. Just because Microsoft did this doesn't mean they've changed. It could just be shallow lip service like the E3 press conference did for Indies.

#10 Posted by mrfizzy (1529 posts) -

Im in Australia which means the PS4 is only $50 cheaper here. Now I am really on the fence. I doubt I will be buying any console on day one but waiting for detailed reviews of both and MAYBE waiting for a price drop depending how long that takes.

Going to have to have a long hard think about the exclusives for both and what each console comes with in the box before I make my decision.

#11 Posted by Fredddi43 (336 posts) -

Both. Cause they both have cool exclusives.

#12 Posted by christopherson329 (217 posts) -

@quarters: ya thats why im on the fence now

#13 Posted by ConfusedOwl (944 posts) -

@christopherson329: Knack, Killzone, Infamous, Driveclub, Gran Turismo. The chances of Jrpgs getting released over here have a higher chance of being on PS4 as well which is a major factor for me because I love Japanese games (and anime).

#14 Posted by leebmx (2245 posts) -

Need a don't know option.

#15 Edited by flippyandnod (391 posts) -

PS4 was my only choice for first day because I refuse to buy in early on this MS' system due to the RRoD fiasco on 360.

I'll give XB180 time to prove itself before I jump in.

#16 Posted by Turtlebird95 (2415 posts) -

Well I plan on owning all of them eventually, but for which I pick up right away I'm leaning towards the One because it has the games.

#17 Edited by WiredFolf (89 posts) -

Still sticking with the PS4. The back peddle MS has done does raise the appeal of the Xbone a bit... but only so far as for me to consider purchasing it in a year or two after seeing how this next-gen shapes up.

#18 Edited by mrfluke (5192 posts) -

ps4, glad that they revoked those nasty policies (fuck the digital zealots) but the exclusives on ps4 are more appealing to me.

will be picking up a xbox one much much later though.

#19 Edited by christopherson329 (217 posts) -
#20 Posted by johncallahan (570 posts) -

I'm still getting both.

#21 Edited by AiurFlux (902 posts) -

I think I'm going to cancel my PS4 pre-order, not because I'm getting the Xbone but because I want to wait a year and see how the hardware is faring. I refuse, absolutely refuse, to get tied down to a system like the 360 again that for a time had a 100% defective rate with failure rates around 30%. Mine bricked on me three times. I'm not having it again. I'll wait. I have a PC and patience is a virtue.

#22 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19353 posts) -

PS4 launch day. Wii U sometime in 2014. Xbox One maybe at some point in the far-flung future.

#23 Edited by MoonwalkSA (433 posts) -

@quarters said:

PS4. I still prefer Sony's games and attitude. Just because Microsoft did this doesn't mean they've changed. It could just be shallow lip service like the E3 press conference did for Indies.

Sony's press conference wasn't really just shallow lip service for indies. The big lineup of games was maybe kinda shallow, considering that some of them are already out and all of them are probably going to be on steam, but offering self-publishing on the platform is still a very real and substantial thing, especially considering that Microsoft will be getting rid of their indie services.

#24 Posted by MooseyMcMan (11129 posts) -

PS4. It's cheaper and will have that inFAMOUS game.

#25 Posted by spraynardtatum (3018 posts) -

PS4 yo.

#26 Posted by Deadmanforking (578 posts) -

The price is still a major factor for me.

#27 Posted by Blastroid (257 posts) -

All 3. I got a job!

#28 Edited by EvilNiGHTS (1093 posts) -

The Ouya. That's a serious vote, right?

#29 Edited by Redbullet685 (6046 posts) -

Still the PS4

#30 Posted by MeganeAgain (123 posts) -

I'll eventually have all of them. I will likely get the PS4 first, however.

#31 Posted by oniring (16 posts) -

The xbox one has Below by Capy Games and ps4 has Infamous: Second Son and none of the other exclusive games for either system look good to me so its a hard choice but with such a big focus on indy games, that is most of what I play now days outside of dota2, I'm leaning heavy on the ps4.

But I have a good job so I can always get both at some point when the price drops.

#32 Edited by Hengst (47 posts) -

Dave said it best on twitter:

"I'll go with one that had their plan figured out ahead of time."

#33 Edited by mrcraggle (1941 posts) -

While the changes put them more in line with the competition, I'm still siding with the PS4. Even if they were the same machine with the same games, Sony's attitude and the way they presented themselves during E3 and the reveal got me on their side. Seeing the likes of Mark Cerny, Johnathon Blow, Greg Kasavin, Adam Boyes and a wealth of other recognisable faces who seemed passionate about what they were doing spoke to me as a long time gamer. When MS did it, I just saw a bunch of business people. Mine Craft is no longer an indie darling when it's sold over 20 million at this point and while it's nice of you to show Capy's new game and you wear a t-shirt, it speaks louder volumes if you actually got them up on stage with a few others like Sony did.

It still doesn't change the fact that the One is £80 more expensive than the PS4, doesn't support F2P in the same capacity, it's exclusive games don't interest me in the same way Sony's do especially in the case of Naughty Dog and their stance on indie games got worse and worse as time went on with the 360 and seems no different on the One.

At the end of the day though, it will actually come down to using these consoles. The PS3 won me over in the end due to PS+ and playing games such as Uncharted and inFamous whereas the more and more MS updates the 360, the more it pissed me off but the PS3 has massive quirks that are really hard to ignore such as no background downloading, poor controller, deleting shit is weirdly confusing and inconvenient, downloads take forever and their UI is inconsistent as fuck.

#34 Posted by Make_Me_Mad (3103 posts) -

Considering I've already bought the Wii U and am content to wait for a price drop on the other two?

#35 Edited by ArtelinaRose (1855 posts) -

I never understood why people have the mindset of owning just one. I get that it's a budget thing in most cases, but I love video games, so why am I somehow forced into only choosing a single one and writing the other off completely? Just because I own an Xbox does not mean that the Playstation is automatically not worth owning.

#36 Edited by DXmagma (317 posts) -

Still getting dat ps4. I'm just feeling Sony more on this one. They've been good to me this gen, and all the series I really want are still playstation only, plus it's still the cheaper option. Xbone just doesn't have nothin' I want.

But I gots to give props to Microsoft. They actually listened and completely changed their business model because of the outrage. I respect that.

#37 Posted by Demoskinos (14878 posts) -

PS4 because like well...duh.

#38 Posted by m1k3 (1330 posts) -

Only getting a PS4 for now. Since i have a WiiU and PC i don't see a reason to buy a XONE right away.

#39 Posted by afabs515 (1113 posts) -

@ezakael said:

The PS4 is still 100$ cheaper and more powerful. It also has the games I'm most interested in. So I'm still happy with my Pre order.

#40 Posted by FourWude (2261 posts) -

I dig a PS4.

#41 Edited by RE_Player1 (7561 posts) -

@afabs515 said:

@ezakael said:

The PS4 is still 100$ cheaper and more powerful. It also has the games I'm most interested in. So I'm still happy with my Pre order.

#42 Edited by zombiepenguin9 (534 posts) -

I will probably pick up a Xbox One first, and a PS4 later. I'm planning on waiting at least a year after launch anyway, so it's likely to change.

#43 Posted by hinderk (685 posts) -

I will hopefully be getting a PS4 at launch.

#44 Posted by Dot (163 posts) -

@quarters said:

PS4. I still prefer Sony's games and attitude. Just because Microsoft did this doesn't mean they've changed. It could just be shallow lip service like the E3 press conference did for Indies.

Yeah it was pretty much Microsoft changes their shit or lose a lot of money (and we all know how much M$ loves money). They were kinda forced into doing this.

#45 Posted by impartialgecko (1531 posts) -

PS4 because Transistor. I want my mitts on that game as soon as possible.

#46 Edited by Andorski (5331 posts) -

Sticking with PC. Will get a Wii U if Super Smash Bros turns out well. Getting a PS4 or the XBone will be contingent on if more games start to come out on consoles only (e.g. Destiny, The Division). If this happens, I'm leaning more towards PS4. If Xbone gets the multiplatform games with more active online communities like the 360 did this generation I might get that instead.

#47 Posted by Video_Game_King (36272 posts) -

Wouldn't this make more sense as a multi-option poll?

#48 Posted by RavenX302 (259 posts) -

I got both on pre ordered now, but I am almost 100% confident I will wait for a while after release to see what's what. I love my 360, which is really the only reason I am having trouble choosing. I have never been huge on any of the exclusives on the PS3 outside of some of the JRPG stuff, so if I had to choose between exclusives, at the moment, I would stick with Microsoft.....then again PS+ is fucking amazing....and it is 100 banana's cheaper.....and the platform and forcing any of that snap, kenect bullshit that sounds like it takes a considerable amount of its resources up. I really am going to have to wait and see what happens in the next year.

#49 Posted by Hunter5024 (5705 posts) -

A Naughty Dog heel turn is the only thing I can see changing my mind.

#50 Posted by ExplodeMode (852 posts) -

Still PS4, but it's a big move in the right direction for MS. The Xbox went from a never to a possibility.