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Hey, I'm wondering if I should get the original PS2 version or go ahead and buy the PSP port. I'm going on a two week tour with an open class drum corps, so I'm going to want some entertainment on the road. But at the same time, I'm wondering if I should not even bother and go with the PS2 version since I like the PS2 and having a TV.

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Personally I'd go with the PS2 version for presentation reasons. But if you want a better game then I'd go for the PSP version. Anything else you want to know?

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PS2 PS2 PS2 PS2 PS2 PS2 PS2 PS2 PS2.
Seriously, just buy FES. Best game evar.

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Does the female protagonist add or detract from the game, and can you still play as a male if you wanted to?

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P3P is the obvious choice because they added a whole new campaign (basically), and the only thing you get from FES that you don't get in P3P is the answer (which you shouldn't play anyway) and being able to walk around.

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@Xanth93: you can play as the male in Portable as far as i know 
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@Xanth93: The female protagonist is really geared towards previous P3 fans. It's mainly just fan service since they change which characters that you can interact with, primarily your team members. There's also some extra challenges but you get them regardless of gender. As for the male protagonist, it's exactly the same as the original game albeit some really, really small changes.
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I would probably just get FES, you get a continuation of the story that clears up the ending of the first game. Some people dislike the answer...I don't care, I think it is just fine. But if you are okay with a portable copy, and don't want the extra story, just get P3P...also if you want to play as a girl.

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@Laketown said:
" P3P is the obvious choice because they added a whole new campaign (basically), and the only thing you get from FES that you don't get in P3P is the answer (which you shouldn't play anyway) and being able to walk around. "
P3P doesn't have the anime cutscenes though. I guess that's not too big a deal, but I think they add a lot to the story and presentation, and I liked being able to walk around the school and the dorm.
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I hope they release a Persona Collection for the ps3, HD and 3D as the Sly Cooper one that is coming soon, the lack of The Answer is holding me back to start playing P3P

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PS2 and FES

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I'm going to get FES on the PS2 for two reasons. One, I like getting games on the PS2 instead of the PSP if I can help it. Two, I don't really have much money, so I'd be better off getting FES.
Thanks, guys. :)

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If you haven't played P4 on the PS2 yet, then it's a good idea to play P3 FES there first.  There are control and combat advancements made between the two games which you might find irritating if you play P3 after P4.  I don't know for certain, but I think P3P incorporated those changes made in P4 into the handheld version of P3.  I don't believe P3P has the epilogue FES in it.  I wasn't a fan of it anyway, but some like it.  The videos of that portion are viewable on YouTube if you're really curious.

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P3P for gameplay
P3:FES for the ''real'' feel and epilogue
Pick your choice.

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@PenguinDust: P3P does take in the enhanced combat from P4 albeit some slight changes, primarily the social link stuff. But that's aside, it's virtually the same. It doesn't have the Epilogue in it but it does add some extra challenge rooms near the end of the game. Apart from that, it's pretty much Persona 3 that we all know minus the cut-scenes.
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P3P is a much more enjoyable game to play. I'd say get that one. Plus, sleep mode is handy.

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Persona 3 FES would be my choice all the way.  You'd probably enjoy P3P more though, if you didn't care much about the presentation.

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You can control all your guys while fighting. In FES, the AI controls everyone but your main dude.