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Just seen it in Titanfall and I hate it, really just promotes people to run up to each other and press a button to automatically kill someone. Melee should be a last resort, it should never be a primary way of killing someone and it is why I have hated COD since I can remember. COD become more about quick knives than anything else, constantly in footage you just saw people getting most kills with a knife.

It should always work like Counter Strike, no quick knives, you have to pull the knife out and manually attack them. It should be a last resort, people only ever use melee when they've drained their ammo from their main gun, if they're really that much of a noob, they missed every shot with their pistol too. That or there is someone so bad that they're just camping a spot and are oblivious to what is going on behind them.

Quick knives are just a shit stain on the genre and they need to go. Just like Lobbies, who actually likes that shit? I remember going through the lobby process on MW2 (last COD I played) and you have to wait so long for it to match you all up, it often just reset and looked for a game all over again. I'd rather just have a server browser, sort via player count and join an almost full server.... so much quicker and it actually gives you a feel of how many people are playing unlike lobbies do. Matchmaking is fine for like 5 v 5 CS or DOTA where it makes sense for competitive play, but Lobbies suck...

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I want to see someone kick a Titan to death.

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Judging by your forum post history you had no intention of purchasing the game anyway. Besides, what would you play it on since you supposedly were so fed up with the Xbox One that you put it on Ebay shortly after buying it? You need to find better ways to spend your time then ragging on a game that doesn't interest you.

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Going 40-1 in Blops while running knives only against dudes with guns was some of the most fun I've ever had in a MP game. Dem jukes.

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As long as the knife range is reasonable, I don 't really see the difference between pressing one button to shoot someone who is two feet away and stabbing someone who is two feet away. In either case you're not going to miss.

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Battlefield 3 handled this pretty well. You could only get the one shot knife kill from behind and doing so leaves you vulnerable for a few seconds. Usually I would just shoot the guy instead or use defibs!

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You sound like someone who needs to get better at dealing with knives yo. Protip: don't let people get close to you and they can't stab you.

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I will often shoot someone even if I'm in knife range because who cares about style points.