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I have never been to a MS store. (Don't live in the US). But I did visit the Sony store in Tokyo a few years ago and it was fantastic. So much cool tech in there. Of course it was a general Sony store and the TV/Camera/3D stuff was the main draw. Are the Microsoft stores purely Xbox and games based or all products like Surface and boxed copies of Windows?

Addendum: I own a 360 and will buy an Xone. I certainly won't be buying a PS3 or 4.

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Didn´t know that there is a microsoft store. Do we have something like this here in Europe?

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I've dealt with them a couple of times, I usually shop on online retailers when there are big sales, and MS Store routinely crashes mid-sale. There customer service is very nice though, compared to a lot of people in that business, they know their shit.

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I've been to the MoA one a couple times and I like it. One of first stores trying to ape an apple store and actually succeed with their own flare to add. They do a good job of showing the right hardware, and carrying at least the laptops I'd recommend in each price range. Unlike the best buy here, the MS Store actually shows the Surface Pro the way it should be, with a type cover and Office (OneNote!) on it. Only real issue is that the times I've gone there's always been a lot of employees compared to customers so it's pretty hard to go and and out without getting being talked to multiple times.

Hoping MS get's the One in early at their stores, or at least tries to push it in malls like Nintendo has been.

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I wish you would leave me alone like the people at the apple store do.

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Until they open them in Europe it's a no.

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Its a nice store, I dig it. I went in wanting to check out the 920 back in December and the guy helping me was really cool.

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It's a great store - would be even better if Weezer was there every day. (The PDX MS store just opened back in June and they had Weezer play a free show...)

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It's really awesome, I like them better than any Apple store I've been to. Just so much cool stuff there, unlike apple where it's just multiples of the same item.

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The Microsoft store I went too in Delaware is nice, the people were friendly, there were a lot of nice machines in stock, but it's not the same as an apple store. The design just isn't as appealing to me, and I didn't get the same open, welcoming feeling as I did in the apple store.

(For the record, I use Mac, PC, and Linux, so I am not just being biased towards Macs. I genuinely like the apple store better.)

EDIT: (I just read there was one in Boston, I'll check that one out when I am there in a couple weeks.)