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"Pikmin Duck Tales" this is wonderful

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Princess Peach: Dragon Warrior and Tetris Monkey Ball are both excellent titles.

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"Mario Party Windjammers"

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Nintendogs Biohazard.

...And then seconds later Mario Paint Biohazard.

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Finally, Donkey Kong gets to meet Hatsune Miku's long lost brother, Hatsune Mike.

Also, "Pokemon Warriors" kinda seems like a better fit for the Dynasty Warriors style game.

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Tetris Shenmue

Koopa Troopa Tomodachi

Donkey Kong Monkey Ball

I win!

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Excitebike: Total War.

Now there is a game I would pay good money for. Make it happen, Nintendo!!!

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Im surprised youtube doesnt have ads anymore.

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Princess Peach: King of Fighters.

I guess she got sick of Mario's inefficiency.

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Well I got Hyrule Warriors. This is pretty dumb.

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Game and Watch and Sonic at the 2016 Olympics

Mario Paint Jet Set Radio

Tetris Minecraft


Some of my favorites.

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Mario Kart Initial D

Birdo Just Dance


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Now I really want a Metroid Snap.

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Mario Paint Revolution.

That should actually be a thing.

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I wouldn't play Final Fantasy Pokemon but I would play Pokemon Final Fantasy.

Edit: Wait no, I mean the other way around.

Edit 2: I think.

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I wouldn't mind Waluigi Jet Set Radio.

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