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What are your recommendations for anything steam punk be it animes, shows, movies, books, coloring books, games? you name it.

Thanks in advanced Giant bombers 8 )

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The most steampunk game ever made was Arcanum. It's a very janky isometric RPG with a lot of interesting atmosphere. I'd recommend using a walkthrough if you play it. You probably know all about Bioshock Infinite and Dishonored (I didn't like Dishonored, but I'm probably in the minority on that one).

The only steampunk(ish?) anime I've seen is Last Exile, which doesn't exactly conform to Steampunk from a technological standpoint but has that same juxtaposition of modern technology and 19th century values. I thought it was worth my time, and I don't like a lot of anime.

Good luck with your search!

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The only steam punk thing that has interested me in a long time is Iron Kingdoms/Warmachine. Same universe, only one's a pen-and-paper RPG and the other's a tabletop wargame. It's like steam punk during the Crusades instead of the Victorian era.

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@veektarius: You're right about Dishonored. I haven't played it yet, but I thinks that says a lot about it. Something about it the game play videos makes me not want to play it, but hey, I should give it a chance I guess. Ill definitely try Arcanum though.

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@itwongo: That sounds awesome and your profile pic increases my trust in your taste for this sort of thing 8 )

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There are some great bands with steampunk themes:

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@shagge: That's awesome. Did not expect this, I'm totally checking this out. Thanks 8 )

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The game Syberia might be worth checking out. It's not a Victorian-setting, but there's a bunch of stuff with gears and steam. It's a good game anyhow. There's an anime called Steamboy you might want to check out. It's very steampunkish.

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@narley: No problem, duder. Abney Park and SPG in particular deserve so much more recognition than they have. (and if you dig back a bit, Abney Park put out some damn solid goth rock/industrial before they went steampunk)

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@zlimness: Both look awesome, good recommendations. Thanks 8 )

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Look up privateer press, it's mainly a table top gaming company but they are now branching out into books of their setting, and recently a strategy game not unlike Xcom.

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Book recommend for you:

The Scar by China Mieville. I loved that book.

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@cheappoison: I'll look those up sounds like a good option. Thanks 8 )

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@herbiebug: Is it part of a series? Sounds cool 8 )

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Guns of Icarus Online is steampunk. I can't speak to it's quality but someone on my friends list played it for hundreds of hours.

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@narley: Nope, standalone single novel. If you wind up reading it and would like to read more of China Mieville, I also recommend Perdido Street Station.

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Lady Mechanika is an ongoing comic series. I've only read 2 issues, but they were pretty solid. Awesome art at least, and just drenched in brass, gears, and goggles. ;)

Also, Sillof is an artist who makes amazing custom action figures of existing IPs in different settings. Has a bunch of brilliant steampunk stuff.

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Laputa: Castle in the Sky is a Japanese anime that has a steam punk vibe. All sorts of flying machines, dirigible airships, and guys in 1900 suits shooting Luger pistols at air pirates.

The Difference Engine by Bruce Sterling, William Gibson is a fairly decent book. I would say it is one of the more straight forward steam punk books that dips more into reality or an alternate history than other books.

The Anubis Gates by Tim Powers is a classic steam-punkish book before that was even a thing...all modern steampunk literature is a cash-in, like writing about zombies or vampires.

Jules Vern's science fictions books are pretty much steam punk now. He was writing science fiction is the actual Victorian age so everything from 20,000 Leagues to The Clipper of the Clouds are steam punk. Also, I would say, A Princess of Mars (1917) by Edgar Rice Burroughs has enough elements of steam punk (air ships, weird guns, strange anti gravity boxes) to be considered steam-punk.

I have not read, so I cannot vouch for it, but Perdido Street Station by China Mieville is very good from what I hear.

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Friendly advice: China Mieville's books are EXTREMELY good but can be difficult reads due to tthe amount of poetic devices and nuance that make up his style. Also,The Scar is kinda part of a series. Events from Perdido Street Station color events from the scar, and soon with Iron Council. Finally, these books are steampunk mixed with cthullu mythos.

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@monkeyking1969: Perdido Street Station is pretty good book. It has some problems but is definitely entertaining even if the direction the narrative takes winds up bothering you. It just starts in a particular way and does some else entirely, which can be jarring. The Scar is the superior book I think though.,

Iron Council is a crappy book so I hardly think it matters.