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Holy crap, E3 is almost here! Speculation always hits fever pitch around this time so I thought we'd play some E3 Bingo for funsies.

Rules & How To Play

  • Below is an empty bingo grid. Simply fill out the squares with your predictions (1 prediction per square). You can save the image onto your computer and use a stock program such as Paint to fill the boxes with text.
  • You are welcome to make your own grid if you wish to, just make sure it has 15 squares.
  • All 15 squares should be filled.
  • You may not include "predictions" that have already been confirmed true/correct by game companies (i.e. you can't put "Battlefield 3 will be shown during the EA conference" because EA has already said this will happen).
  • The last day to submit your bingo sheets is June 3. In years past much significant info has leaked the day before the first major press conference so that's why the deadline is the 3rd and not the 4th.
  • Be a sport, it's your call if something batshitcrazy leaks in advance but you decide to put it on your bingo card anyway.
  Rumor has it that Jeff Bridges built this.

Scoring, Winning & Losing

  • When posting your bingo card make sure you indicate whether or not you will be betting your user icon in your post. Neglecting to mention your user icon leaves us to assume you will not be betting it.
  • You must have at least 8 correct predictions to win, anything less is a loss.
  • Participants with less than 8 correct predictions should change their user icon to the image below for the rest of the month (there's no way to police this, everyone is counting on you to play along).
  • Winners can bathe in the satisfaction of being better than someone else and will be have bragging rights until the next E3. I'll chalk up a list of the most correct users once E3 is done (but only of those that bet their user icon). Enjoy your bragging rights!
 Meet Sad Bomb.
I'm still mulling over my predictions a bit, but I will post them in the next day or two with my user icon on the line.
Have fun and if you have any questions feel free to ask.
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Great idea Goran! I'll have a think about it and come back with some predictions later. Oh and there's no way Im putting my user icon on the line, Mr. Jacky White don't change for no one.

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@EuanDewar: You're making Sad Bomb even sadder!
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This is really great, gonna give it a shot. Although, coming up with 15 plausible predictions is a tall order.  

Edit:  Lets do this.

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You're a natural born leader

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Totally going to make one and post it. 

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 @Keen_12 said:

This is really great, gonna give it a shot. Although, coming up with 15 plausible predictions is a tall order.
Thanks! 15 can definitely be a bit of a challenge. If you completely run out of ideas I recommend just going to Google and searching something to the effect of "e3 predictions" for inspiration.
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Ah, hell -- I'll bite. A few of these are murky; I promise not to rub it in anyone's face if I declare victory on this.
No way am I changing my usericon, though. Consider me playing just for the fun of it!

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Man that was tough. Couple of silly ones, but most are genuine predictions.
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Some safe picks, but I didn't want to put anything I don't have confidence in.
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Ok, here we go.  Some of these are dreams, not predictions, but that's the way I'm playing this game.

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I might as well give this a shot.

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A combo of serious, fun, and out there predictions.  Not betting my av, though.

 "Wii 2 controller has at least 1 GB of space" and "Sony swears that 2011 will be the year of PlayStation" were honorable mentions.
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i don't know what to put yet. i'll try this.

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Not betting my avatar on this, but looking forward to seeing how far-off I was! 

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I feel like these are more cynical than I imagined at first... I'll probably be lucky to get three or four so no avatar bet but it was fun to put together.  


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@Khann: Free porn on XBL? More like XXXBL AMIRITE, GUYS, GUUUUYS?
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Already feeling pretty good about the PS3 HD collections prediction.
Metal Gear Solid 2, 3 and Peace Walker coming to PS3/360.

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Looks like fun!

But I'm too lazy...

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Too late. :[

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Eh...what the hell. It's only a couple of hours into the 4th. You can count if you want. If not, I don't care. It's just for funsies. 

  Edit: Also, I bet my avatar.  FOREVER.
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Man, I wanted to enter this. Well, here is my sheet:

I apologize if any of my predictions have been confirmed already. I really don't have a clue about it.

FUCK YEAH I bet my avatar!

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@Winternet: Yeah, a couple of those things have been confirmed.. We're definitely seeing demo's of Forza, Uncharted and Old Republic.. I don't think AC has been confirmed but it's pretty much a shoe in.

I don't think we'll see a solid release date for Café though, probably just "coming mid/late 2012".

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This is actually getting me excited for E3.

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I got like 2 right.