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Not the plastic or jewel cases that games come in today, but the old cardboard boxes.

I moved to a new apartment and, while I'm unpacking, I'm taking the opportunity to sort my game collection a bit. I'm wondering if it's worth keeping the cardboard boxes for my SNES/N64/GB/GBA games. On the one hand, I like having everything complete as much as possible - it's kind of fun to look back and reminisce on the excitement of opening, say, Ocarina of Time for the first time. I also figured that the games, though used, would be more valuable the more complete they are, should I ever - God forbid - decide to sell.

On the other hand, these boxes take up a shit ton of space. They're not heavy or anything, but I'm trying to cut down on "clutter" as much as I can.

Any thoughts? Thanks, duders!

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I wish I had my old game boxes, I guess weigh how "important" it is to you. If you really don't care about the boxes then DON'T FOR THE LOVE OF GOD get rid of them, but if you really don't care then toss 'em. As my goal of mine someday is to have everything on display in a room I would keep the boxes.

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Keep them. I've always regretted not keeping more of mine. They're always fun to look back on.

Just get a plastic tote or something and throw them all in there and pack them away somewhere. If for whatever reason you decide to get rid of them you should sell them on eBay/ give them to someone who wants them as opposed to just throwing them away.

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I used to hold onto the giant PC game boxes until one day I decided they were just taking up room. I threw out all of them except for the Daggerfall box. That one is fancy and shiny.

If you like things complete and there's a slight chance of reselling them one day, I'd say hold onto them. It might be hard to get them back.

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Happiness is measured by keeping game boxes around, sorting them, and displaying them. Everyone knows this to be true.

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KEEP THEM! I deeply regret getting rid of all my NES and SNES boxes (along with all of my original Nintendo Powers and EGMs from their first issues) when I went to college and lost interest in gaming. Thankfully, I kept all of my games and their protective sleeves, but getting rid of the boxes was a huge mistake.

Not only will you have the satisfaction of having a more complete package for your collection of games, but their resale value will be higher if and when you decide to sell them.

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Either keep them or sell them on e-bay or sell them to a company like PNP Games who deal in retro shit. Whatever you do, do not chunk them or destroy them or whatever. Those game boxes qualify as antiques at this point, sell them to someone who cares or keep them and love them.

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I keep them all, even the ones that were damaged when I was young and stupid.

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I used to collect (steal?) the manuals from rented games when i was a kid. Had them lying on a shelf for years. Threw them away about 4 years ago.

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I recently got my big box of NES, SNES, and Genesis games from my parents house. I also got a Retron 5. This has led to me wanting boxes for...

1.) Games I really like (Super Mario World, Smash TV, Contra 3, etc)

2.) Games that have really really cool box art

3.) A mismatch of finding one that is in good quality and collectible type ones

I'm not planning on going crazy with it, but hey if I can make that game more complete without going bankrupt, why not?

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If you don't want them, ship em to me! Old box art is frequently badass.

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Keep them! There's a special circle in Hell reserved for people who throw away game boxes, you know?

Just kidding. But I'd probably regret throwing away old game boxes, so I've never done it. Totally understand why some do, even though I think they're monsters. Boxes for old PC games can be especially tricky to store.

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Collapse the boxes.

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Nah, don't throw them away! It's a nice reminder of a passed era.

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I bought a lot of used games, which usually came in shitty boxes covered in price stickers, but mostly just jewel cases. I got rid of most of my game boxes and cases but there are some that are too cool to throw out; like the packaging for Painkiller Black Edition is just gorgeous.

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I think the only thing I truly regret in my past is throwing away my Sega Genesis box about 6-7 years ago. It was in immaculate condition, having stayed in a closet since my Dad bought it in 1993.

Never again...

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Pull a Vinny and make a collage of the game covers you like the most and toss that leftover garbage into the river. I mean litter that shit into what ever water source is closest.

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Pull a Vinny and make a collage of the game covers you like the most and toss that leftover garbage into the river. I mean litter that shit into what ever water source is closest.

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The only boxes I have these days are for my physical copies of 3DS games, which is about 6. All of the rest of my games are on Steam. It's pretty great.

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Keep them but even if you don't want to sell them or give them to me if they are nes boxes

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Keep them for sure, or if all else fails send them to me to give them a good home.

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Biggest gaming mistake I ever made was not taking care of and keeping my old big box PC games.

Of course, I'm a big fan of the art and nostalgia and such, so that's just me. One man's trash, etc. On the bright side, cartridge boxes are much smaller and easier to keep.

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I keep most of my newer case, as far as the old boxes for my PC games I've tried to keep most of the ones for games I really liked, but time and multiple moves have not been kind to them.

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It's not the most sacred treatment, but I have a bunch of the classic SNES ones flattened and stored. Couldn't let go of that OG Kirby Super Star box.

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Unless you plan on displaying them at some point I don't really see a reason to keep the boxes. It's a lot easier to fit a cartridge only collection into a few plastic bins. Another way to do it is to just keep the boxes of the games you really like while getting rid of the rest.

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I'm all for keeping them, but I have the room to do so.

If you do decide to lose them, don't just toss them. NES and SNES especially can get a good price if it's in good shape.

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I love the pictures of games on the game box and i believe I kept every game box besides the 360 one (sent that back a couple of times with RROD), but I don't think it's worth keeping for the amount it takes up in pure space.

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I say keep them, but they are all in storage for me. It's getting harder and harder to find space for them. Right now I'm showcasing a Zone of the Enders HD Box on my bookshelf, but really I might take the art book and storage the box.

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I wish I had all of my NES, SNES and N64 boxes, but back in those days most people got rid of them. I mostly bought used NES, SNES and N64 games anyways, so I rarely got one in the box. The only game I have in the box, is for the SNES and it's Looney Toons Basketball.

I really want to buy up older games in the box and just build a solid collection this way.