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Well this is it guys. You have officially made it when Tom Hanks approves of your work and Max Temkin and co. just achieved that honor.

In the latest episode of the amazing, and unfortunately amazingly underrated, talkshow "Kevin Pollack's Chat Show" Tom Hanks is the guest, and while Cards was the sponsor of this latest episode, which also was kinda random and really cool, Hanks mentions that he really likes the game.

If the video doesn't automatically jump to the right time, it starts at 09:10.

This is pretty f'ing cool and also kinda weird and surreal. CAH is going places.

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CAH, bigger than Monopoly.

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Good for the CAH guys.

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I guess CAH got all kinds of sales when Yotube royalty PewDiePie himself played it in one of his videos. And this helps too, I guess.

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Very cool. Man... I'd love to play CAH with Tom Hanks.

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The Simpsons Movie hit the nail on the head; it's impossible to not feel good about Tom Hanks.

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Max throwing those card money on A-list celebrities!

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Holy shit, Tom Hanks looks old....I'm kinda depressed now

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I prefer his Turkish impersonator Ham Tonks.

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My brother came home from his friends house and was raving about this game called Cards Against Humanity- thats how I knew it was mainstream.

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So we're basically one step from getting to call Tom Hanks friend-of-the-site?

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So we're basically one step from getting to call Tom Hanks friend-of-the-site?

Tom will be a guest on today's Bombcast.

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Nice! Tom Hanks rules.

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I wonder what Wilson thinks of CAH.