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After a while without new stuff except for Xbox 360 conversion of Radiant Silvergun, the company president Masato Maegawa in an exclusive interview for the magazine revealed that European GamesTM are finally working on a new project exclusively for Nintendo 3DS.

Almost all Treasure games are good, the story of the development of a new game, raises certain expectation. Although it seems that in recent years the company suffered a sharp division without notice, with the creator of Ikaruga working Kokuga and Guardian Heroes creators working in Code of Princess. Hopefully it does not affect much to a company


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I read it in Games TM, it's awesome, I adore Treasure. Treasure still seem like they don't care about what the rest of the world is making. The most nuts thing from that interview was hearing that Sega didn't like Gunstar Heroes when they first showed it to them.

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I like Treasure, but don't have a 3DS, so I can't get too excited about this.

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Hell yeah, Treasure games are almost all fantastic. Dynamite Headdy 2 or bust!

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I would really want to see a new game Trasure for digital distribution platform for PS Network, Xbox Live Arcade, or WiiU. And if platforms or run and gun, the better.