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Any word if there will be a UPF tonight? I know a load of equipment is getting sent back in a truck, so I wouldn't be too surprised if they skip this week - but it'd be good to know so I can plan my evening!

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I guess it would be in the "Coming up" section on home page already. But we'll see.

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It's possible, since I think they'd actually sent their gear to E3 prior to the last UPF show, so they should have gear to run the show anyway, even if stuff is still in transit. If you wait about 15 minutes, you might be able to see whether it's on the schedule or not.

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This week Brad has all the power. Thus we will get UPDOTA. It looks like at least some of the equipment is in place since they posted a Unfinished this morning.

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I really hope there's a show for tonight =)

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I thought that I saw it on the Coming Up display yesterday when I looked...?

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It's on the countdown now, and Jeff was loading old games into his car on mixlr this morning so I'd say it's happening.

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Awww yeah, the Unpro train is making NO stops.

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I'm sure a lot of it had to wait for that truck with all their equipment to come in, and then Drew having to put it all back together.

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Won't be UP without Vinny.

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What is Jeff doing? Is CAX going on?

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They should just play Tomodachi Life again for the whole stream, one of the best pieces of content all year.

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@nightriff: Honestly, I thought it would've been awful a couple weeks back. But now I agree with you.

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@csl316: I know, completely feel in love with the game from them playing. Probably will end up buying it at some point (lets be honest, its not worth $35).

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