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If we want to upload boxart for games, is it legal to use sources such as retailers?
Do these images legally belong to that retailer, or to the game developer (in which case I assume it is available for usage as long as it is in reference to the game)?

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Boxart is used to advertise a game on the shelves, and encourage people to buy it - to this extent, it's legal to use boxart wherever you find it. Retailers do not own the rights to it, and the publishers/developers want the boxart to get as much exposure as possible, so you're free to upload boxart.

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Fair use doctrine should usually slip slide any issues with using box art images from various sources.

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Also... what's legal online anymore anyways? Pfft. Lmao.

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I'll call the cops.  We can find out.

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Sounds Good to me.

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dillonator said:
"I'll call the cops.  We can find out.
Hides crack pipe.
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I would not imagine it being a problem.

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As long as its not watermarked, it'll come under fair use laws.

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it should be fine gawd i copy pictures of any site not like it really matters

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The companies that own them might worry if you're making money off of them, but I'm sure they wouldn't bite the hand that feeds them and come down on game news and info sites for using them.