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Let this topic be dedicated to either cult classics or unknown hits and their epic music that could literally melt the ears off of lesser beings! Let this topic be dedicated to those games!

First off on the list is the entirety of SMT: Strange Journey.

Yes people, this song is the INTRO song... on a DS VIDEO GAME!!! If a developer ever complains about not having good music on the DS again... I am going to slap them and then show them this music from this game! Here is another one!

Man... this music kicks all sorts of ass! This is just the NORMAL boss theme! Damn...

Now for another game... which the entire damn soundtrack is FUCKING AMAZING!

Nier... No seriously, the entirety of the soundtrack is so fucking awesome that it is amazing that it hasn't been more popular, it actually kinda pisses me off on how ignored it gets! Here is just one of many of the themes!

Again... this is just a random normal boss monster theme... holy shit. Oh... and buy the game guys. It kicks all kinds of ass. Also the game has kinda a bullet hell thing going on which somehow works incredibly well with this kickass music.

Now, moving forward. I will not cry this time, I swear!

OH NOOOO!!!! Dammit tears! Dammit my stupid eyes! Stop crying dammit! To everyone here. Buy this game! Do it... NAAOOOO!!!!

What games that you believe have gone unnoticed that have also had some of the most kick ass songs?

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So good it apparently also became the intro theme to Tales of Symphonia somehow.

Yes, I mean to include the entirety of the Golden Sun and Lost Age soundtracks.

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@AndrewB: No problem with that. Golden Sun kicks ass!

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the entire FF7 soundtrack

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I haven't played Strange Journey in a couple of years, but I still get the battle theme stuck in my head.

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Nier is probably my overall favourite OST of all time.

Terranigma has a fantastic soundtrack. I say overlooked due to it not being released in the US.

Also my obligatory favourite game of all time track.

This one might have only gone overlooked due to a lot of people hating it, but there's no denying it had an incredible OST. Deffo my top final boss music of all time.

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Short little flash game with a 16 minute soundtrack. Love every minute of it.

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I'm about to school you motherfuckers:

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@Video_Game_King: That Mystic Ark track is the veritable shit.

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I feel that Konami had some great composers in the 90s. There is so much good music that was buried in otherwise unremarkable games or Japan-only releases.

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Soooo.... anything that isn't from a JRPG?

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@believer258 said:

Soooo.... anything that isn't from a JRPG?

Battle Arena Toshinden on Game Boy maybe. PS1 version isn't that bad either.

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@believer258: I would say that neither Nier or Terranigma are traditional JRPG's, or even Dark Chronicle for that matter.

I would also like to add Drakengard 2.

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I just discovered this.  


Good forest music is very important and this is the best forest music this gen. Seriously.  
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@believer258 said:

Soooo.... anything that isn't from a JRPG?

Tear Ring Saga, and maybe Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru.

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TC, you just made me put Fragile Dreams on my wishlist. Looks like the underground type of game that I can appreciate.

That said, even as someone who played Crisis Core multiple times, I never realized how fantastic that entire soundtrack is until I listened to it again on youtube.

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Get hype!

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@Ravenlight said:

Get hype!

No no son,

Get Psyched!

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@Draxyle: Get a Kleenex box as you buy it... trust me! You WILL need it!

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Actually you know what, I just need to post this.

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Still one of my favorite RPG battle themes

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@WilltheMagicAsian: For some odd reason, when I hear that theme, I think of Deadly Premonition... I have no idea why.

Here is some music to it.

That is the best whistle them of all time! Oh, and here is my favorite song in that game!

Awesome them, once it gets to the 1:09 it gets awesomer!

@ddensel: Never change your avatar, it is to damn awesome to be changed.

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This song is from a flash game called Escape from the underworld

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I think the Otogi 2 intro track is pretty good, but I'm super biased, so maybe it's shit. Check it out and decide for yourself.

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As much as I love nostalgia my pick is a recent one. The Sword And Sworcery Soundtrack is one of the few soundtracks I regularly listen to. Here's the track I want most people to notice and remember from the soundtrack. So f-ing good.

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Anything from the first Mighty Morphin Power Rangers game on the SNES is AMAZING. Some of my favorite nostalgic music, especially when you discount the usuals.

Also notable is some of the music from the Sega CD version of The Terminator. I never played it (learned about it thanks to the AVGN) but it is pretty damn good.

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This comes to mind.

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idk if anyone here's played Legend of Legaia, but I doubt many have, if any

I recommend the game itself, it's fantastic

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Fuckin'A Terminator on the Sega-CD! Yeah!

Of the games I can remember, these songs stood out.

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I listen to this song all the time! From Bastion.

Also this, even though I have never gotten to play this game. It is a long shot of a wish to hope the Berserk PS2 game would ever be brought over here.

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@Ravenlight: I find it hard to believe that this song would go unnoticed by anyone playing Doom.

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@Jay444111: I appreciate your posts. First I thought you were a troll but you have come around. Keep on keeping on duder.

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i always thought warhawk was overlooked even though it was really good.

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Crisis Core's soundtrack was really something.  Even as someone that never really listens to video game music, those songs were really something.   
This is another one:  3:45, zomg 

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The majority of the Red Dead Redemption soundtrack.

It's genre appropriate and excellent but at the same time I've realized its the perfect writing music, quiet enough to be able to concentrate with but awesome enough to be inspirational.

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Gitaroo Man is a favorite game of mine, and that was my favorite moment.

The 12 minute+ theme called The Shattering from Cataclysm is maybe my favorite video game music for many years. It's beautiful for a lot of people who have played WoW especially back in vanilla. The piece was written by a musical genius, Russel Brower. If you haven't heard about his three Emmy Awards, you might still have heard his stuff. It's not just video games. Animaniacs and Batman: The Animated Series are two other series he's written for.

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All the music from the early Tomb Raider games.

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I love the menu music for Dragon Age: Origins.

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Some chiptune prog-rock:

The adventures of Batman & Robin was a pretty shitty game, but the music was absolutely insane:

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@Intro said:

Short little flash game with a 16 minute soundtrack. Love every minute of it.


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Goemon is invading this thread.

Heres some early stuff. It is very traditional Japanese at its core which I love.

Heres more more modern music, that I discovered more pretty recently. It's great for a high energy moment.

Thought I'd add some class with a piano rendition of some of my favourite dungeons themes.

And finally I'm still hoping for a Japanese Opera based on Goemon. Kickstarter?

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Fallout 3 radio music, so good!

And from my favourite JRPG since FF IX, the masterpiece Lost Odyssey OST