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So, I had an idea yesterday about a potential addition to the video player. What if users (or potentially the person posting a video) had the option to hide a video's length? This wouldn't have much use for most videos, such as the average Quick Look, but when I'm watching something like an archived Breaking Brad and see that the video is an hour and a half long, I know that he will not succeed for at least an hour and a half. It takes out a bit of the suspense that the live experience offers. Now naturally I could just try not to look at the full video length if I want to go for the same effect, but it nonetheless may be interesting as a video option. What do you folks think?

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Actually, I want pretty much the opposite: specifically, for time stamps to be included on videos before I click play. Why isn't this incredibly useful feature not already implemented?

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I want BOTH these things! So I win!

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I want neither.

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I'd rather they put add the time stamps back into to the progress bar. That way, if I stop watching a video, I don't have to guess how far along I was, scrubbing around the general area, and instead jump straight to the spot I left off at.

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Eh, I just don't look. It's not that hard. Plus that stuff is usually live, so watch it live for the bestest experience of that sort. So good watching that MK Scrub League live.

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I like timestamps, but only those that say how much is LEFT.

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I liked it when users could put a comment on the timebar.

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@glyn said:

I liked it when users could put a comment on the timebar.

I don't. Why do you think there's a Japanese community on YouTube while NicoNico's a thing?

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That's a feature that would come in useful for, like, six people maybe a couple times a month.

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Use the html5 player on chrome, turn off controls (left click on player), you get a bare video