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Goombas are the best.

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Zombies, I can kill those bastards all day

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Daemons, fo sho.

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you spelled demons wrong

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DrDemon said:
"you spelled demons wrong "

my bad just ignore it
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Nazi is not on this list! Whats wrong with you?

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deathfury said:
"Nazi is not on this list! Whats wrong with you?"
nazi fits under terrorists and in any case nazis are starting to get boring
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Nazis aren't terrorists...

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deathfury said:
"Nazis aren't terrorists..."
I must agree.  Just because they are a realistic enemy doesn't make them the same as terrorists.  Terrorists rarely have tanks, airplanes and battleships.  When you play a game against Nazis, the possibility exists that you will be bombed by Junkers Ju 87s or encounter a Panzer  Mark V.  In a modern game, it's highly unlikely that the terrorists have air cover or modern heavy armor.  I'm not saying it's impossible, just rare unless you are fighting some former Russian separatists or PMC and then I'm not sure I'd call them terrorists, anyway.

Anyway, my answer is "cyber-zombie-nazis from hell"  Sound crazy?  Check out Id's new Wolfenstein trailers http://www.gametrailers.com/player/usermovies/311442.html
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Alien robot terrorist zombie demons!!!!

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I don't know. Aliens are the most interesting, but demons are pretty cool. I'll go for demons.

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sorry about the lack of nazis, just hit other if it bothers you.  i dont play many ww2 games so i didn't think of nazis

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Br3adfan said:
"Zombies, I can kill those bastards all day"
i hear that!

I’m playing Dead rising now and killing them never gets old.

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The type that can be Galactic Punt'd.

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Children in Fallout 1&2, nothing like hitting them with a critical strike to the groin with a rock or kick.

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Ninjas, followed by Koopas

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The sort of enemy that is a mini boss at first and then shows up in swarms later. The one you have to get good at fighting or you will be completely miserable.

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Other. Humans are best.

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Daemon Tools?

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Gizmo said:
"Daemon Tools?"
Why would you kill them ? Pretty useful stuff
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"Aliens" is a massively wide-open category, so I chose them.

I mean, technically, you could have alien zombies, alien demons, alien terrorists and they would all fit under the title.

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How about all of the above and then some.

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robot zombie terrorists from space-hell.

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I like turtles!!

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Robots are pretty awesome. Their weakness is water among other things.