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I'm trying to spread the word, but I don't know exactly how to give someone new the best possible idea of what the site is about.

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Probably the Gal*Gun liveshow thing from a while back

Jeff welcomes you to www.giantbomb.com

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Generally I'll be talking with a friend about a game we're interested in and pull up the Quick Look. No can defend.

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Rorie backrubs.

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Naked Cartoon Pussy

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Hold there hand...

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@rorie: Can we launch a kickstarter to get a giant bomb bus where you travel the country giving backrubs and reading questions from chat?

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If someone sent me this, i would have been here much much earlier

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Have them listen to the Bombcast. I've introduced several friends to GB via the podcast and it's now what they listen to regularly in the car or while falling asleep.

TurboMan's Best of Quick Looks are phenomenal as well.

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Beat them with a hammer until they tell you that anime is for jerks.

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related video on the 2 human video thing which I think deserves a spot

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Bombcast Excerpts are a pretty good way to give somebody a lot of bite sized pieces of goodness, particularly if they are animated.

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The bombcast and sleeping dogs quick looks

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@sbaitso said:

Bombcast Excerpts are a pretty good way to give somebody a lot of bite sized pieces of goodness, particularly if they are animated.

Very true. When it comes to games that my friends and I are interested in, I'll pull up a QL if I can. For just the "vibes" of the crew, I'll pull up a funny animated Bombcast excerpt video. No animation is ok, but from my experience, since the person doesn't know who they are or what's about to be "the joke", they have short attention spans and might lose interest.

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Thanks for the suggestions guys. I have a bunch of moments in my head that I consider classic, but a lot are reliant on being familiar with the personalities.

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That new GB animated clip just to fuck with his head

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I say Grab a really good quicklook and have them watch it, done and done.

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Just show them this guy.

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The Sleeping Dogs quick look is actually how I found the site. I believe it was the one before the game was properly out. (it featured a few of the GB crew)

It gives you a nice impression of what to expect.

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Toilet pie.

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Rider meet horse, horse meat rider.

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I would send them the link to the site.

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I just link people to my About Me section. Really, just watch those short videos and you're set!

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It's a personality-driven video game news/reviews site with a heavy focus on video content and an expansive wiki. Introducing them to the site through in-jokes or memes only long-time visitors would understand or care about is not the way to go.

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@rorie said:

Rorie backrubs.

Whoa, whoa. Never start the show with a showstopper.

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When they're interested in a game, but haven't bought it (yet), show them the QL of that game. It will prove to be a valuable resource instantly, and they will come back to the site for more QL's. Then, slowly overtime, they will get way deep into the site all on their own. That's what happened to me, at least.