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Posted by dungbootle (2501 posts) 2 years, 3 months ago

Poll: What system(s) do you play games on the most? (235 votes)

Computer (Win/Mac/Linux) 66%
360 27%
PS3 42%
Wii 3%
Wii U 2%
3DS 13%
Vita 11%
DS 4%
PSP 3%
Older system(s) from these 8%
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PC / Wii U / PS3

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@mwng said:

Thinking about it, the Vita takes the cake in terms of playtime last year, I've sunk hundreds of hours into that thing.

Almost the same for me - PC took it, but only by a sliver.

If I were to order it, it'd be;

  1. PC
  2. Vita
  3. PS3
  4. DS
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Mah fone.

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Currently Xbox 360 with NDS after it and Pc right around the same amount as phone/tablet games. When I go back home things will definitely change.

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PS3 and PC, mostly PS3 as I voted, only PC games I play are FM and some strategy games or older games I get nostalgic over.

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Master race baby.

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1. PC

2. PS2

3. 360

4. SNES/Genesis

5. DS

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Lately? PC and 3DS exclusively.

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PS3 and 3DS

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Mah fone.

You can't be sereal.. and if you are sereal please list all the games that keep you gaming on your phone for that long. After beating Plants vs. Zombies I've just been playing the same 2-3 meh games.

If your answers are fruit ninja and angry birds im gonna be sad.

#61 Posted by VilhelmNielsen (1767 posts) -

You can't be sereal.. and if you are sereal[...]

That made me really sad.

#62 Posted by super2j (2064 posts) -

It used to be the ps3 but then I really fell into a steam hole. Now, I am mostly playing on pc with a side of ps3 (to play some rogue galaxy(ps2) and plans to play the new MGS)

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I have my SNES and N64 hooked up and play them from time to time. Haven't played my 360 recently because I don't have an XBL subscription... although if they bring back the $2/month subscription sale then I would do that in a heartbeat.

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PC then PS1 and 2 then PS3 with a little bit DS on the side.

#66 Posted by JonathanAshleyMoore (299 posts) -

No doubt I play my 3DS more than anything else. Sticker Star, man.

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PC. I've pretty much stopped playing my 360 at this point because I hate the new dashboard so much.

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  1. PC
  2. 3DS
  3. 360
  4. PS3
  5. Wii

Yeah, I'm mostly a PC gamer nowadays. And that's weird, because I'm gaming on a god damn Sony Vaio. That really shows you how wrong the people are who say "Don't want to spend $1000 on a gaming PC". Low settings on a PC these days still often look better than most games on a console. I'm even playing Planetside 2 on it. So yeah, I'm thinking I'm probably just a Nintendo-PC gamer these days (and yes, I will eventually get a proper gaming PC. It's not really a pressing matter at the moment, though. I can play most of what I want to play at the moment).

I never had a DS, so I've been going through that whole backlog as well as the few good 3DS games that have come out so far. Combined, it's quite a nice library. I have to say the DS Zeldas kind of suck, though. Or they suck by Zelda standards, at least.

360 is third because that was my main gaming platform for years, and I still have that library of games I'll replay. The PS3 is a strange one. I have a ton of unplayed games for it, but I just don't like turning on my PS3. I can expect my gaming on it to be delayed by (1) a firmware update, (2) having to install the game, and then (3) patching the game. And I'm reeeaaaally not fond of the controller too. But, yeah. I really have a ton of games that I need to get to for it.

The Wii is pretty much done. I've not turned it on since I finished Skyward Sword over a year ago, and the console itself has actually just been sitting in a drawer for most of that time. Whenever I want to replay something on it, I'll pull it out. But I've just had many other games to play.

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I believe my 360 library is much larger than my PS3 library. However, lately I've been purchasing games for my PS3. My 360 sounds like a damn air conditioner. It's quite old at this point, and there's always this concern I'll buy a new game, only to power on to RRoD. There's no chance I'm going to buy a brand new 360 with this gen. drawing to a close. My PS3 is quiet, and more importantly, it's young. I didn't purchase it until FF XIII was released.

#70 Posted by nintendork666 (209 posts) -

Mostly my PSP and PS3.