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But not Kids games.

Ok, the wife finally relented and agreed that we should get some Wii games for the kids. But, I know that most "kid" games for the Wii are generally horrible. We could get some wonky Hello Kitty game, or I could get her a decent Wii game that just so happens to be good for kids too. Like Mario or something.

The Wii is my wife's console and I haven't done any research into what games would be good to get. Any suggestions?

Story Hour: Adventures is a must buy. That's for sure.

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Thanks guys, I'll check them out.

I loved The Lost Odyssey, and The Last Story looks pretty cool. I haven't even heard of that game before.

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Zack & Wiki is really good, it might be a bit tough to find though

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Mario Galaxy, besides being the greatest game of all time, has a great co-op mode for kids.

Also, Boom Blox is really good for people of all ages.

Lego games aren't bad.

But really, get Boom Blox.

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Kirby's Epic Yarn (multiplayer)

New Super Mario Bros (multiplayer)

Mario Kart Wii (multiplayer)

Super Mario Galaxy

Kirby's Return to Dreamland (multiplayer)

Super Paper Mario

uhhh..... Those Lego games i've heard are good? your kid like Starwars or Batman by chance?

You could always get a Rockband or Guitar Hero game, I bet those are Hella cheap by now.

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No More Heroes :]

serious answer: Twilight Princess and Mario Galaxy

only buy no more heroes if you're gonna play it while yr kids aren't around

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Okami and Rayman Origins are generally delightful in a kid-friendly way. I'm not an Okami fan, but everyone else on earth loves it, and I would've gone crazy for it when I was little. Punch-Out!!!, Rhythm Heaven Fever, and WarioWare: Smooth Moves are fantastic, too.

You'll notice that some people might say, "Aren't those games a little hard for kids?" And generally, yes, they are. But, as a five or six year old, my favorite games were the ones that I had a hard time beating and had simple, easy-to-understand mechanics, just like Rayman Origins, Punch-Out!!!, and Rhythm Heaven Fever. But a couple easier options are necessary, too, so definitely throw in some combination of Kirby's Epic Yarn, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, de Blob, and Animal Crossing: City Folk to fall back on when the games get tough.

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I'll add A Boy and his Blob since it's probably the most underappreciated "kids" game on the Wii. And Ryan Davis says it's goddamn charming.

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maybe Sonic Unleashed PS2Wii and Speed Racer Wii

Excitebots, Mario Kart Wii

We Cheer

Wii Sports Resort

WarioWare Smooth Moves

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@TekZero: My boy -loved- Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Even if he mainly just got to swing around the sword, shoot arrows, and walk around, he had a great time. I'd play it seriously for a while and then hand it off to him after saving my progress. The colorful environments and accessible gameplay were just delightful for him. I ended up buying him a Skyward Sword poster for his room, as he just kept raving about it. I highly recommend it.