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I'm asking this question because I don't have any other friends who own a Wii U. Do any of you guys have a poor dead zone on your joysticks on your gamepad? I can't figure out if it is my gamepad or if that's just the way it is. My joysticks don't seem to register until they have been pushed about 1/4 toward whatever direction I am trying to register. Any opinions or advice would be greatly appreciated!

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I didn't notice it until I just tried to actively feel for it, and absolutely it does. I don't mind it, though, I'm not playing shooters on the thing.

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I've played a good amount of CoD on the system, and i never noticed one. Maybe it is game based? Shrugs. Or i just did not notice it at all lol.

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Nothing I've ever noticed or felt bothered by.

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I haven't noticed but most of my play comes on rayman and wonderful 101. Both of which call for pretty harsh direction changes.

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Having just got the Wind Waker HD bundled one, that particular controller is VERY sensitive. It's actually kind of hard for my old man thumbs to make Link walk the slowest pace. (Luckily you can crawl in most situations you'd need to tip toe.)

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It could be game based, as the only thing I tested that with was on the main menu system, which you wouldn't want an over sensitive stick anyway.